Bump in the road

My workouts and eating have been spot on lately, and I was very excited about my progress.

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking back to my home office and I stubbed my toe on a box. It HURT, and when I sat down in my office, I noticed that the little toe looked like a bloated leaning tower of Pisa!

Looking at the glass half full, I hoped it was just sprained. I texted a photo to my mom and sister, and my mom called to ask me a few questions and told me it was probably broken.

After the conversation with my mom, I went to a walk-in clinic where I had some X-rays taken, and the doctor confirmed it was broken :( I’ll spare you the details, but the toe got put back in place!

What hurt me the most wasn’t the foot itself, but the fact that I can’t run for at least 5 weeks; the only exercise I was given the go-ahead to do was swim. The last time I swam laps was when we still lived in Mexico.. so over 23 years ago!! We used to do the laps in the deep end, and I could never swim straight :-\ hopefully the ropes will keep me in my lane.

After leaving the clinic, I was feeling sorry for myself and it would’ve been so easy for me to grab some junk food or ice cream from the grocery store {my toe was numb so I thought it would be a good idea to pick up some items from there… I was wrong}, but junk food wasn’t to make me feel better; I decided against it.

Even though it’s going to be a challenge to move around the next few days, my goal is to still eat clean and try to get as much exercise as I can safely do. I’m looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone by going to the gym’s pool.

This broken toe is just a bump in the road and I won’t let it bring me down or derail my progress!


  1. OUCH!!! Cecyyyyyyy that HURTS SOOO MUCH!!! I know about it!!!  Do you need someone to take care of you??? I can do it for sure! if you cannot drive, clean or even COOK :S I´ll do it for you!!! Just say FROG and I JUMP !!! I love you,
    Auntie Ofes

    • Thank you so much for the sweet offer, but I’m actually quite mobile :) I went and did Aqua Fitness this morning.. it was good :)

  2. Alicia F. says:

    Ouch !!! I’m sorry Cecy . I hope you feel much better <3 .besos

  3. sana sana colita de rana, pronto estaras como nueva, le mando una sobadita al dedito :(

  4. Christine says:

    Hey Cecilia…sorry about your toe!! But on the bright side,I’m really enjoying your posts…finding them inspirational actually and very informative…like your new tank tob from lululemon…I. Gotta get one!!


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