Five Things – Broken Toe Edition

This week started off well.. and then my clumsy self had to take over. Perhaps it was karma, or maybe that I’d been complaining to myself about body parts I disliked, not appreciating the ones that were doing really well. Either way, not being able to run has given me an appreciation for things that I wouldn’t have even tried. Here are 5 things that made my week fly by!

  1. I saw this quote on Tumblr on Tuesday morning when I still felt very broken-hearted that I couldn’t run, and it helped me put things into perspective.
  2. On Saturday, I learned how to use the grill and continued to grill during the week. It allowed me to just put things on the grill and not have to stand over a stove much (via)
  3. I attended two Aqua Fitness classes this week which actually felt great. The weights the instructor chose for me made for a very challenging workout. Being in the water is always so relaxing. (via)
  4. A couple of people recommended Pilates as a workout which would keep me off my feet and I tried Pop Pilates from Blogilates this week.. Cassey’s awesome and  super bubbly. I will be incorporating her workouts even when my toe is fully healed!
  5. My BadKitty hasn’t been as bad.. sure, he’s been knocking the dirty laundry hamper every day, but he’s actually been pretty good this week. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m not chasing him around saying “give mama a kiss” {which makes him run as if I’m trying to kill him} but I think both kitties know something is wrong. I’m totally appreciative of his niceness :)

What was something that made your week easier?

Have a great weekend!

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