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I meant to post this yesterday but I just didn’t have time. Work was hectic and a little stressful, but it’s the weekend at last, and the boy is home!! :D

During my spare time this week, I’ve been playing games. I’ll admit that my sleep has suffered because I can’t put them down, but they have helped pass the time! So this week, I bring you 4 games I’ve been playing and one that I cannot WAIT to play!

  1. Where’s My Water? {A physics game where you must figure out a way to get the water to the alligator so he can take a bath} I saw this app featured in the App store earlier this week and got it. The Alligator is super cute when he gets impatient!
  2. Bubble Safari {Connect 3 balls of the same colour to clear them, you must clear 10 bubbles from the roof to pass to the next level} My friend and cousin sent me an invite on FB this week and I absolutely love the “bust-a-move” type of games.. so I’m hooked! Too bad the energy runs out real quick.
  3. 100 Floors {Solve the puzzle on each floor to get to the next one. You can solve up to the 90th floor right now} The boy introduced me to this game before he left. We got a new update this week.. I’m currently stuck on 84 right now.
  4. Super Mario 3D Land – I never finished Super Mario Land 3D, so I was also playing this game this week. I’m on the special level quickly approaching World 8. I never want to finish Mario games… {image via}
  5. Super Mario Bros. U – I CANNOT wait for the Wii U to come out… I’m super excited! I can already see my sister & I continuing the tradition of playing video games during our Christmas vacation.. hopefully she’ll come and visit us this year.. not particularly excited about going to Canada in the winter ;) {image via}

What type of games do you like to play? 
What’s your favourite game?

Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Hi Cecy,
    Thanks for the tips on bubble safari. I didn´t know about the bubbles in the roof ! ha!I´ll do it today. The game I am hoocked right now is Candy Crushon on FB.It is really addicted I cannot wait to get more lives to try to clear the jelly candies. Try it. I´m sure you´ll love it!
    Where can I get the other games?
    Auntie Ofes

    • Cecilia says:

      100 Floors and Where’s My Water are available on iOS {Apple devices} not sure about Android… Super Mario 3D Land is only available for the Nintendo 3DS and the Super Mario Bros U will only be available on the Wii U which I think comes out in November. I’ll try your game later :)

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