Friday Five – Jet Lag Edition

The boyfriend sometimes travels a lot for work. Last year, he was overseas for 6 months, and while he was away, Simple Plan released the single “Jet Lag” which is about being away from your significant other for long periods of time and in a completely different time zone. We could totally relate and it became our song while he was away. This week, I heard it while working out, and it helped me deal with him being away {even if we are on the same time zone}. Here are 5 things that helped with my “Jet Lag”

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  1. The actual song… here’s the video if you want to check it out {it was filmed at Toronto’s Pearson Airport!}
  2. Working out – I have stuck to all my workouts, and Wednesday’s workout was the hardest  because of the heat, I broke out my No Limits Tank from Lululemon {as seen here} that I was saving for a very hot day. It did its job really well and kept me cool!
  3. Keepin’ Busy All The Time  – aside from working out, I volunteered at a Rogue event yesterday, Cops & Robbers. Basically, participants had one hour to get as much “loot” as possible in Downtown Austin without being caught by “Cops” {the Elite runners who are SUPER fast!}. There were 5 spots they had to visit {I was at Austin Rocks} and so long as they hadn’t been “arrested,” they could get a raffle ticket. They had a raffle afterwards. It was fun to see the people being chased by the “cops”… silly people thinking they could outrun the Elites!
  4. The Big Bang Theory – we LOVE this show and watch it whenever it’s on… so much so that we almost didn’t go out on New Year’s Eve because there was a BBT marathon on TBS! The show always puts me in a good mood :)
  5. Chick flicks! – I rented “New Year’s Eve” and “The Help” — movies I’d been meaning to watch but I saved them until the boy was away. I liked both of them.. “The Help” more than “NYE.”

And so with almost 2 weeks down, we’ve only got 2 more weeks to go!

I’m super glad it’s Friday… this weekend is going to be pretty low key. I’ve got to run at 6:30 tomorrow morning and I’m going to clean up the house a bit… I’m going to make sure I hang out with some friends… and maybe I’ll bake some gluten-free goodies! Hope you have a good weekend!

What are your plans for this weekend? 

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