Friday Five!

It was a short week, but it still felt like Friday took too long to arrive! This weekend, I’ll be going to visit my cousins :D I haven’t seen them in way too long!

Here’s some stuff that made my week easier!

  1. My Contigo water bottle. My aim is to drink 4 bottles a day, and it’s a lot easier to count 4 bottles vs 12 glasses! I also love that it’s got a hook so I can clip it to my purse or backpack, and it seals automatically when you’re done drinking — no spills!
  2. Trigger Point – my calves felt really tight this week, so rolling them out has made them feel a lot better!
  3. Fitbook – it’s a cute book that helps me keep track of my food and my workouts. It’s small enough to take to the gym when I’m doing weights. {P.S. it’s cheaper at Target; you can find it in the exercise video rack!}
  4. Core Power {formerly known as Honey Milk} – this stuff is delicious! One bottle and you get 20-26 grams of protein. It goes down really well :) My favourite flavour is Strawberry Banana {which is harder to find near me} and a close second is Chocolate.
  5. Spibelt – whenever I go running, I put my ID, key, and iPhone in the Spibelt. This is the waterproof version that has loops for energy gel. I never have to worry about my iPhone getting wet and it’s so light that I forget I’m even wearing it!

What couldn’t you do without this week?

What have you got planned for the weekend?

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