Low key weekend

As per usual, this weekend FLEW by!

We kicked off the weekend for drinks prior to my friends going to karaoke. I promised myself I wouldn’t stay late, but the hour flew by so quickly that I went to karaoke with them afterwards. Before I knew it, it was well after midnight and I had to get home!

As soon as my alarm went off at 6am, I regretted my decision to stay out so late; however, the bed didn’t win this round!  I met up with my running friends and I was glad I did. After my run, I picked up a new shirt that was included with the price of Rogue X. I was so stoked to see that they had tank tops for the summer. My running t-shirts have been put on a hiatus until the fall when it cools down here.

I’m not sure what came over me in the afternoon but I decided the flank steak I had picked up for dinner HAD to be grilled! So after a few texts and a phone call from the boyfriend, and reading the manual, I finally got the grill on and prepped my dinner.

It was a little overcooked due to multitasking and losing track of time while on the phone with the boyfriend, but it was still amazing!

Yesterday morning, the forecast said there was a high of 100F, so I went for my workout at a local track as early as possible. It was the same workout I did with my cousins last weekend, but this time there was no speed walking, just straight out running. It kicked my butt!

While running errands, I was craving the salmon from Saturday’s trip to the grocery store, and picked up a cedar plank. I looked up some recipes and decided to just make it with some lemon juice, olive oil, diced garlic, and salt & pepper. I paired it with some spicy sriracha roasted broccoli that was prepared with Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

The salmon had a little more of a smoky flavour than I was expecting, but I was so glad it wasn’t as dry as it is when I made it on the George Foreman grill. Definitely worth the extra time it took to cook!

I hadn’t learned my lesson about multitasking from Saturday night, and I was prepping the hazelnuts for what I was going to make next:

Homemade Nutella! It isn’t nearly as smooth as the store-bought kind but it was so good that I had to put it away as soon as possible! I can’t wait to have it with some apple or banana slices!

How was your weekend?

Did you try any new recipes?


  1. solo puedo decir una cosa: agua la boca… punto

  2. Dear Cecy, 
    When I grow up I want to be like you!!! :) I am taking a relaxing vacation since I quitted my job last Wednesday. I felt kind of frustated but now I am ok and ready to enjoy these two months vacation for me. No work for now. When are you going to get pregnate? I ´d like to take care of your babies!!! :D ha calm down, I am just joking :) 
    On Saturday I wento Tone´s house to celebrate Pablo´s Bday! We had a lot of fun! On Sunday…nothing!!! It was tooo hot 40°C!!! so, I decided to watch TV and chat with my friends on FB… about food…I eat a cereal for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and I eat tostaditas con chile both days for lunch…imagine my stomach complaining a lot all night long! Pepto Bismut saved me, ha!
    Janet asked me if I wanted to eat taquitos de Tlaquepaque for dinner and I had to dennied the invitation…tooo much for my tummy!
    Auntie Ofelia

  3. Homemade nutella? That’s interesting ! Got to try it! Salmon in a plank? You are getting ambitious ! Good for you ! We had BBQ on Sunday too! Nothing exceptional only beef ribs, sausages, baked onions and veggies. And since I had a lot of fire left, I did our traditional lunch for part of the week: sweet potatoes and salmon. Yummier that in the toaster oven! :)


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