National Running Day

Yesterday was National Running Day. Running is a passion of mine but that wasn’t always the case. Last September, I was trying to do the Couch to 5K program and my knees were killing me; I went to Rogue Running to see if my shoes were the problem. I was fitted for shoes that were awesome and the employee also told me about their Intro to Rogue program. It’s a 4 week program which consists of a core workout, a quality workout, and a long run. The price was right and I figured it was just what I needed to get started with running. I was so glad when the boyfriend said he wanted to sign up as well.

The first day at Rogue we were to run or walk for 20 minutes: 10 minutes out, and 10 minutes back. The boy was with me and he motivated me to keep going. I thought I could only run for about 3 minutes based on the C25K program, but we ended up running 19 minutes with one minute of walking. Each week, we kept building on it.

We loved the Rogue community so much that after the program was over, we signed up for the 5K program, and then we jumped halfway into the Half Marathon training program in December. Our goal was to run the Austin Half Marathon in February. We trained really hard for the half marathon and it paid off! I was able to complete the marathon under my goal of 2 hours and 30 minutes. My time was 2:25:06.

Since then, I ran an obstacle 5K and the Austin 10/20 10 mile race.

Yesterday, my friend and I started our second round an eight week program – Rogue X:

Rogue X is Rogue’s Newest Strength; Base Building Program.

Rogues who are in transition from race to race see a lowered mileage, but need to build power and strength to avoid injury and gain speed for their next event. This program offers the missing component of many individual’s racing season, strength development. Rogue X will incorporate a combination of track-based workouts mixed with calisthenics and plyometric routines promoting better form (more endurance) and a faster kick (more speed)!

We finished our first round of Rogue X a couple of weeks ago… I thought I knew what to expect, but I was very wrong! It started off the same way.. we ran to a nearby track, and then we “shook it out” and then our coach explained what we would be doing. He pointed to these:

and told us we had to run with them over our heads! First, we had to start with 30 push ups, run 100m, do a 30 second plank, run 100m, do 30 squats while holding the jug, then running 100m, then 30 lunges while holding the jug, and then running 100m to the beginning. Then we repeated! All in over 90*F heat!! We were exhausted but we weren’t done yet…

Up next were the dreaded bear crawls for 50m then running backwards for 150m and repeat. Finally, we did three 50m strides and we walked back to the store. When we got back, our coach and a couple of people were outside… we were locked out!

We waited for another coach to come and let us in… in the meanwhile, I was sweating buckets!

Which is crazy for me because I never used to sweat… I guess the Texas heat will do it!

I’m so glad that Rogue X is back. No matter how tough our workout was, I still look forward to being challenged next week!

Do you run? If so, how did you celebrate National Running Day?


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