Recharging my batteries

When I lived in Boston, I used to go home to Toronto for a long weekend or on vacation. I wasn’t crazy about Boston and living away from my family was very hard on me, so being home felt like I was recharging my batteries. Then I moved to Austin and fell in love with the city, and I didn’t feel the need to go home as often; I only go a couple of times a year. However, when I go visit my cousins in Houston, it’s really nice to be with my family and just hang out. Being with them also feels like I’m recharging my batteries.

I hadn’t been to see them since January.. so I was long overdue for a visit!

I arrived at Mireya’s house a little later than expected on Friday because I worked late. When I got there though, I got to see the kittens! This one here is the one I spent the most time with. He was super cuddly! I was so tempted to bring him home, but the boyfriend says I have to trade a cat for a cat… I can’t give up Dusty nor Eddie!! I really think we need a lap kitty though!

On Saturday, I went to the gym to get my work out in. In the afternoon, we went to visit my other cousin, Alicia in the afternoon. We tried to watch a movie {and failed!}, we hung out at home while their kids were outside in the pool, Mireya did our nails, and then we had BBQ for a late dinner, where we talked some more :) We spent the night there.

On Sunday, us girls and their brother-in-law went to an arboretum to get our workout on! We did some interval work… running, sit-ups, push ups, and jump squats {as Mireya demonstrates below} on the trail or on grass. It was fun, dirty, and a little painful at times {when we got pricked by tiny burrs while doing sit-ups}.

After we were done with our workout, we walked a little more on our way to the car and explored a bit.

When we got back to Alicia’s, I had Voskos yogurt with strawberries and mango, except I added chia and ground flax seed to my yogurt after I took the photo. I had bought Voskos at Whole Foods on Saturday so this weekend was my first time trying it. It was so delicious!

We hit the mall for a bit and then I had to drive back. It was such a great weekend! I definitely won’t wait as long to see them again :)

How was your weekend? 

Did you try anything new?


  1. Alicia F. says:

    I can’t move my body :'(

  2. Very nice to see you girls working out together and having fun at the same time! Wish I was there!

  3. I also had lots of fun! And the best part was relazing that I can also run :) for now on imma keep on doing the trainment. Id love to see you to and I hope you come back soon to follow our progress.


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