What I Ate Wednesday #2

It’s easier for me to do the WAIW post based on what I actually ate on Tuesday so I can have this post ready for you guys :)

I went for a run first thing in the morning, and it was quite hot out, so I drank some water with a grape Nuun tablet to help rehydrate my body.

For breakfast, I made some protein pancakes and had some milk to go with them.

I then went into the office, and for my morning snack, I had Greek yogurt with strawberries

For lunch, I had a GF wrap with hummus, lettuce, grilled chicken, red bell pepper, and red onion. It would’ve been better had I warmed the tortilla, but it was still good :)

When I went home, I let the cats out for a bit… the birds had been scaring Dusty by flying really low, and he’d come running to the door wanting to get in, so I stood out there, and the birds didn’t bother them. I took this opportunity to have my afternoon snack — a turkey quinoa muffin.

I’ve been wanting to try Cooking Light’s recipe for Chicken Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Garlic for a while so I finally did it tonight. I paired it with spaghetti squash. It doesn’t look pretty, but it was DELICIOUS!

This month’s WIAW topic is Sensible Snacking. Whenever I go too long without eating, the result is a very grumpy person with a bottomless pit stomach! To prevent this, I usually have a snack that either has healthy fats or protein. Today, I had Greek yogurt with strawberries and a turkey quinoa muffin; both were high in protein so I was good until my next meal. This next week I’m going to be trying some new snacks and I’ll let you know what worked best for me!

What’s your favourite snack?



  1. If I visit you..would you mind to cook some of those delicious recipies for me??? XOXO Auntie Ofes

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