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When I was in high school, I joined a gym that was mostly a boxing gym. I absolutely loved working on the bags, and I found it a lot easier to learn proper technique while practicing on a bag. When you’re kicking the air, it’s not so easy to differentiate a side kick and a roundhouse kick; a jab vs a hook. After a few years, I quit the boxing gym as I realized I needed more variety in my workouts.

Early into my career at the company I currently work at (I think around 2003), one of my coworkers had taken me under her wing and introduced me to Les Mills’ BodyPump. BodyPump is a group exercise class that uses a barbell; each track is dedicated to a muscle group. They release new choreography every 3 months. One day, I decided to try BodyCombat, which is also a 55 minute class:

This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.

In the summer of 2004, my sister was home from school, she and I were working out at the same gym for the first time in years. We used to go to BodyCombat, BodyPump, and BodyFlow together. That summer, they were mostly doing BodyCombat release 19 at our gym. We LOVED it! It was such a high energy workout that kicked our butts every time! The summer after that, I moved to Boston.

While living in Boston, I attended BodyCombat and BodyPump classes, but it wasn’t the same; I missed my workout partner. Eventually, the gym stopped offering Les Mills classes, so I signed up at another gym which was closer to my apartment. When I was home for the weekends or the holidays, I’d go back to my old gym and I’d sometimes see my favourite BC instructor.

The other day, I saw a commercial for BodyCombat at the gym, and I really began to crave a butt kicking! So yesterday, I went to BodyCombat at a different location. It’d almost been a year since I’d done BC but it’s like riding a bike.. you never really forget the basics.


It was the 3rd week they were doing release 52, but obviously it was my first time doing it. I have to say that I was really disappointed with it. it wasn’t nearly as hard as it usually it, and the combinations were very repetitive. It felt like we did way too many jab-cross-hooks. The Capoeria track (Capoeria is Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music) was just really awkward and slow, and it didn’t give me the burn I was looking for. The Muy Thai wasn’t as high energy as I was expecting it to be. They have another week with that release, and then they can do whatever release they want. I will go back to Combat then…

Have you ever tried any Les Mills classes? Are there any you’d like to try out?

I’ve done BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyJam, and RMP. Next, I would like to try out CXWORK which is a half hour class.


Happy Wednesday! I did remember to take photos today, so while this post is a little late, it’s here!

Without further ado, here’s the food:

  • Breakfast: I had a berry smoothie {strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, Strawberry ON whey protein powder}
  • Morning snack: one of the strawberry lemonade muffins I made on Sunday
  • Lunch: I had a lunch date with one of my friends who works nearby.. we went to Tacodeli, and after determining that their grilled chicken had gluten, I opted to have my salad topped with a Frontera Fundido Sirloin taco {minus the tortilla}. It was amazingggg… I’m sure it wasn’t great for me, but I didn’t even need to touch the salad dressing!
  • Afternoon snack: Hiding in my backpack was a pouch of Justin’s almond butter.. I was so stoked that I had it with apple slices
  • Dinner: Since I worked out late, I wanted something I could make quickly and that I had the ingredients for: a chickpea tuna with yellow onions, green onions, red bell pepper, lime juice, and olive oil.


As I mentioned yesterday, I went to a cake ball class. It was definitely eye opening… I’ve been doing things all wrong!! Turns out most recipes call for too much icing. And I’ve also been too gentle when mixing the icing and the crumbled cake. The cake balls turned out really well, but I can’t say how good they taste as they’re regular cake.. the boy will be tasting them when he gets home on Saturday. Now I can totally see myself trying to make fun shapes, aside from just cake balls.


I’ve been doing weights 3 times a day, and cardio 5 times a day. Cardio has consisted of running around the neighbourhood and on a track, and the elliptical. Next week, my workouts will be changing, and I’m looking forward to the challenge!

What do you do for fun?

Baking, exercising, and playing some games is what I do for fun :)


I’ve been slacking…

I’m sorry for the lack of content lately; I just haven’t been very inspired by anything… Cookbooks, magazines– I flip through the pages, and nothing seems appetizing, so I’ve only been making things that I don’t need a recipe for. The grill has gone untouched!! It’s a lot easier to be lazy with my meals while the boy is away again on a business trip.

I think he was trying hard not to laugh

When I finally decided to bake some strawberry muffins on Sunday evening, I cut my thumb while dicing the strawberries. After the muffins, I planned on making turkey quinoa muffins, but my thumb didn’t want to cooperate; it was a little shy around the knife!

One great thing is that I have been getting back into running! My first workout was intervals – 2 minutes of walking, 1 minute of running for 30 minutes. Then I did the workout on the track that I also did with my cousins. It was freshly redone and painted!

Doesn’t it look pretty?

The sun kicked by butt, but I was so glad when I was done! Last Saturday, I did a whole 30 minutes! This week, I did interval training this morning: 1 minute walking, 1 minute running for 30 minutes. Tomorrow, a solid 30 minutes again :) I don’t think I appreciated running as much as I do now!

Right now, I’m heading off to go take a cake ball class… The boy loooves cake balls and I’m a perfectionist, so I want to learn how to do them properly. After this course, I can take the cake ball decorating class. I’m really excited!

FYI – I’m not sure if I’ll be participating on tomorrow’s What I Ate Wednesday since I forgot to take photos of my food today… maybe I’ll take them tomorrow and post it at night.

Hope you’re all having a great week :)

WIAW #8 – Back on the wagon

Hello everyone! I got some great news yesterday from my doctor — I can now resume running! More on that in a minute.. for now:

To be honest, ever since I got back from Toronto, I’ve been having a hard time getting back on the clean eating wagon. First it was because I got sick, then my stomach was not cooperating, then we went to Corpus Christi to visit the boy’s mom. On Friday, I started logging my food (just writing down what I ate without counting calories), then I cut back on the junk food, then I cut back on the treats. I feel like I’m finally starting to get a grasp on things.

This morning, I called the doctor’s office as my Synthroid prescription renewal had been denied — I needed to go in to do blood work, so I didn’t eat anything and went straight there. I also got the doctor to take a look at my toe, and she said that so long as I could stand the pain (from wearing closed toe shoes), that I could resume running :D I had my banana/chocolate smoothie on my way to work. For a snack {which I ended up having at noon}, I had a gala apple with Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter… I’m currently obsessed with Justin’s almond & hazelnut butters!

For a late lunch, I stopped by My Fit Foods to grab some lunch; they have prepackaged balanced meals and some are gluten-free! Today, I got the Salmon Stir Fry. The rice was nice and fluffy and the salmon had a little bit of a kick; it was delicious!

This afternoon, I got the book “Cupcakes and Cashmere” by Emily Schuman arrived! I LOVE her blog of the same name and was excited to take a look at it, so I did when I had my snack: a coconut greek yogurt. The boy’s mom got us the yogurt for our stay, and I thoroughly enjoyed it — it was smooth, not too sweet, and it had shredded coconut.

In the afternoon, I went for my workout, and when I got home, the boy had brought Rudy’s BBQ for dinner. I made myself a salad {romaine lettuce with red bell peppers and jicama with lime juice} to go with the lean brisket. I’ll admit that the lean is a little drier than the regular brisket, but

So that was what I ate!

July’s WIAW topic is fitness, I can finally chime in on that! I got back to weight training on Monday evening with a half hour of the elliptical afterwards, and yesterday was interval training. I took it easy in the amount that I ran because I wasn’t sure if my toe would kill me or what! But I’m definitely looking forward to increasing the amount of running I do! I used an app called Interval Run {Apple App Store} and I’m able to customize the amount and length of intervals.

Today, I’m going to attempt a 30 minute run at an easy pace. Wish me luck!

What’s your favourite way to get your cardio on?

Mine is definitely running!

What I Ate Wednesday #7 + Toronto {Part 4}

Happy Hump Day!! I can’t believe it’s another Wednesday. I figured I’d spare you and put Part 4 of my Toronto trip plus this special edition of What I Ate Wednesday – Toronto edition together {however, it will be a heavy photo post!}. I didn’t take photos of everything I ate while I was home, but I did manage to snap some photos that I haven’t yet posted. I had my fair share of salads, but I never took photos of those.. maybe because I get excited when they have something else that’s available that’s gluten-free.

In case you missed it, here are my entries on my trip home:

 After getting a little sunburned  on Canada Day, we took it easy and mostly stayed indoors. There was one exception, however, and that was when the boy, my sis & her boy decided to go for a walk on the edge of the CN tower at 1200ft /356m!! I couldn’t do it because of my broken toe… and my fear of heights :D
The rest of the time, the boy and I spent napping, downtown, and shopping! I think we’ll be back next year.. we still have so much to see and do! {Image of the CN tower via}

The repeats: grilled salmon, cupcake, Tim Hortons French Vanilla cappuccino, scrambled eggs & ham, with “refried” pinto beans

My mom made some chicken and broccoli for us. Since the beans had just finished cooking, I had a bowl with queso fresco and cilantro

Eating ribs while sitting on grass was perfect on such a cool evening. I didn’t find out if the ribs were gluten-free, but I assumed they weren’t… my stomach assumed they weren’t either :S

I was so glad that Boston Pizza has a gluten-free crust! I liked it :)

I couldn’t drink regular beer while we were out, so I opted for ciders. I found my new love, Somersby, however  I don’t think it’s available in Texas :( Keith’s was good, too.

One of our last meals there was at the Pickle Barrel – one of my favourite restaurants. I was excited to see their new “Gloriously Gluten-Free” menu, and I had the Mediterranean Rotini “Rice and corn pasta tossed with olive oil, pesto, chicken, goat cheese, almonds, roasted bell peppers and sundried tomatoes” but I just thought it was okay

I hope you enjoyed the Toronto series. Now it’s back to regular programming :)

If you drink, what’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Mine is now Somersby Cider, followed closely by a good margarita!

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