When I was in high school, I joined a gym that was mostly a boxing gym. I absolutely loved working on the bags, and I found it a lot easier to learn proper technique while practicing on a bag. When you’re kicking the air, it’s not so easy to differentiate a side kick and a roundhouse kick; a jab vs a hook. After a few years, I quit the boxing gym as I realized I needed more variety in my workouts.

Early into my career at the company I currently work at (I think around 2003), one of my coworkers had taken me under her wing and introduced me to Les Mills’ BodyPump. BodyPump is a group exercise class that uses a barbell; each track is dedicated to a muscle group. They release new choreography every 3 months. One day, I decided to try BodyCombat, which is also a 55 minute class:

This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.

In the summer of 2004, my sister was home from school, she and I were working out at the same gym for the first time in years. We used to go to BodyCombat, BodyPump, and BodyFlow together. That summer, they were mostly doing BodyCombat release 19 at our gym. We LOVED it! It was such a high energy workout that kicked our butts every time! The summer after that, I moved to Boston.

While living in Boston, I attended BodyCombat and BodyPump classes, but it wasn’t the same; I missed my workout partner. Eventually, the gym stopped offering Les Mills classes, so I signed up at another gym which was closer to my apartment. When I was home for the weekends or the holidays, I’d go back to my old gym and I’d sometimes see my favourite BC instructor.

The other day, I saw a commercial for BodyCombat at the gym, and I really began to crave a butt kicking! So yesterday, I went to BodyCombat at a different location. It’d almost been a year since I’d done BC but it’s like riding a bike.. you never really forget the basics.


It was the 3rd week they were doing release 52, but obviously it was my first time doing it. I have to say that I was really disappointed with it. it wasn’t nearly as hard as it usually it, and the combinations were very repetitive. It felt like we did way too many jab-cross-hooks. The Capoeria track (Capoeria is Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music) was just really awkward and slow, and it didn’t give me the burn I was looking for. The Muy Thai wasn’t as high energy as I was expecting it to be. They have another week with that release, and then they can do whatever release they want. I will go back to Combat then…

Have you ever tried any Les Mills classes? Are there any you’d like to try out?

I’ve done BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyJam, and RMP. Next, I would like to try out CXWORK which is a half hour class.

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