Toronto {Part 3}

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a better weekend than mine… I pretty much spent all weekend sick; I started to feel the symptoms on Friday afternoon, with yesterday me spending most of the day sleeping. I’m feeling a little better now so I continue to blog :)

In case you missed it, I blogged about my trip to Toronto so far – Part 1 & Part 2. This is the second last part :)

When the boy and I were planning our trip, I knew that I wanted to be in Toronto for Canada Day, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I tried not to plan too much and to go with the flow, but since we were unable to do the Steam Whistle Brewery tour on Saturday, we decided to do it on Sunday. I’d also seen that there would be a “street party” prior to the Blue Jays game. My mom, brother, boy, and I went and took a picture when we first got to the Rogers Centre.

We met up with my sister & her boyfriend and we signed up for the 2pm tour at Steam Whistle. We had some time to kill so we took in the festivities.

It was absolutely packed outside the ‘Dome {err, Rogers Centre} and tons of people were wearing red Blue Jays t-shirts and jerseys for Canada Day. We were able to meet up with a friend of mine and my sister just before the tour.

The brewery tour was about half hour long and it was fun… they got lots of beer {a beer to start the tour, and one after it wrapped up}. The photos didn’t turn out very well :( My sister and her boyfriend then went to a bar to watch the Spain/Italy Euro Cup Final, while we went to Boston Pizza, where I had a gluten-free pizza which was actually good and watched the game there. The sister & boyfriend joined us for the second half. We were rooting for Spain, so it was awesome that they kicked Italy’s butt :D

After that, we walked to Toronto’s Harbourfront and walked around for a bit. As kids, we used to frequent it a lot, but once we’d gotten older, we hadn’t gone much.

We were getting sunburned and were exhausted, so we all decided to go home and get some rest. It’d already been one busy day! My sister commented that we’d need a vacation after our vacation, and I took that plus the sunburn as a sign that we needed to slow down… after all, this is just the second of many trips :D

So as I mentioned earlier, tomorrow will be my last post about Toronto :D

How was your weekend? 

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