What I Ate Wednesday #7 + Toronto {Part 4}

Happy Hump Day!! I can’t believe it’s another Wednesday. I figured I’d spare you and put Part 4 of my Toronto trip plus this special edition of What I Ate Wednesday – Toronto edition together {however, it will be a heavy photo post!}. I didn’t take photos of everything I ate while I was home, but I did manage to snap some photos that I haven’t yet posted. I had my fair share of salads, but I never took photos of those.. maybe because I get excited when they have something else that’s available that’s gluten-free.

In case you missed it, here are my entries on my trip home:

 After getting a little sunburned  on Canada Day, we took it easy and mostly stayed indoors. There was one exception, however, and that was when the boy, my sis & her boy decided to go for a walk on the edge of the CN tower at 1200ft /356m!! I couldn’t do it because of my broken toe… and my fear of heights :D
The rest of the time, the boy and I spent napping, downtown, and shopping! I think we’ll be back next year.. we still have so much to see and do! {Image of the CN tower via}

The repeats: grilled salmon, cupcake, Tim Hortons French Vanilla cappuccino, scrambled eggs & ham, with “refried” pinto beans

My mom made some chicken and broccoli for us. Since the beans had just finished cooking, I had a bowl with queso fresco and cilantro

Eating ribs while sitting on grass was perfect on such a cool evening. I didn’t find out if the ribs were gluten-free, but I assumed they weren’t… my stomach assumed they weren’t either :S

I was so glad that Boston Pizza has a gluten-free crust! I liked it :)

I couldn’t drink regular beer while we were out, so I opted for ciders. I found my new love, Somersby, however  I don’t think it’s available in Texas :( Keith’s was good, too.

One of our last meals there was at the Pickle Barrel – one of my favourite restaurants. I was excited to see their new “Gloriously Gluten-Free” menu, and I had the Mediterranean Rotini “Rice and corn pasta tossed with olive oil, pesto, chicken, goat cheese, almonds, roasted bell peppers and sundried tomatoes” but I just thought it was okay

I hope you enjoyed the Toronto series. Now it’s back to regular programming :)

If you drink, what’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Mine is now Somersby Cider, followed closely by a good margarita!


  1. Oh I don’t know how anyone could lean over the edge like that! I’m terrified of heights and falling and that would be a surefire way to induce panic :P

    • Cecilia says:

      Yeah.. they just opened it last year. I think I’d panic and would be unable to move my feet up there!!

  2. WOW! Love your blogs about Canada and all your great photos! We just returned from dropping our daughter off at a camp in Canada. She has severe food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts and soy) and Canada does such an amazing job of labeling foods for cross-contamination that we are actually pretty comfortable having her be at an overnight camp there. We grocery shop hard when we are there, as we (she!) can tell by reading the box whether or not a given product is safe for her!

    I’ve got a Gluten Free Gold List that I invite you to check out — the pasta on it is one I discovered in Canada last summer…http://www.createfamilyconnections.com/gluten-free-gold-list/

    • Cecilia says:

      That’s an awesome list… I’ve been craving saltine crackers but hadn’t found any that hit the spot, I’ll have to try Schar’s!

      • Thanks, Cecilia! Do try the Schar’s — I’ve been really pleased with their crackers…and I’m sort of picky.

        Based on your blog, I’ve got cider on the grocery list for my husband, who is picking our daughter up in three weeks. Between the certified peanut stuff for her and the GF stuff for me, they’ll have a real cart full!

        We bought some divine smelling maple cream sandwich cookies (Mr. Maple) that are safe for her (that our other kids adore) — I, of course, cannot eat them…but they make me crave Maple Cream (a spread for pancakes, toast, etc.) — we looked for it in the grocery store when we were there but could not find it. Is it a real Canadian product, or more of a touristy gimmick?

  3. TYPO: “certified peanut FREE stuff”
    Of all the typos to make!

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