And I’m back!

Hello all! Sorry about the break but with my family in town, it was a little crazy.

We went to Houston over the weekend of the 11th to celebrate a cousin’s birthday.

I brought some cookies for the party, which my niece helped me decorate the night before. The queen cookies were made using the tutorial on Sweet Sugarbelle

The sisters and (some of) their daughters. Thanks to my cousin Paty for the futbol jersey!

My cousin Mireya led a short Zumba class for us! In the end, it was just me and my mom standing! If you live in the Houston area and are interested in Zumba, check out Mire’s FB page and YouTube channel

Back in Austin, my mom took my aunt and cousins shopping around here, and just before they left, we took them to the Capitol.

The Capitol of Texas ceiling

For three days, I go to spend some quality time with my mom… we shopped

Not sure how they can claim these gloves are a size Medium.. they’re TINY!!

We went on walks around Brushy Creek Trail

We were so tempted to pick the cactus pears!!

we watched a silly movie

Had to split it over 2 nights because we were too tired at the end of each day!

and we organized the boy’s office and my baking items that were sitting in there. We were done in half a day! I couldn’t believe it!! That’s exactly why I need her to help me out with that. I wish I would’ve gotten the organizational gene from her.

My mom left on Saturday morning… I’m so thankful that I got to spend some one on one time with her.. I really needed it.

Thanks to my family for coming to visit.. hope to see you again soon!!

What silly movies have you seen lately?


  1. mil mil gracias por las galletas aun tengo algunas guardadas : ) 

  2. Me too was very happy to spend quality time with you. It was my pleasure being able to help you! Looking forward to do it again! Love you! Gracias a toda la familia que nos acompañaron!!?Siempre un placer de estar con Uds. Los amo mil!

  3. gracias cecy por invitarnos una vez mas a tu casa es un gusto enorme estar contigo y mi familia te quiero mucho y claro que te extraño muxho mas

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