WIAW # 10

I can’t believe it’s already August. Time sure does fly by and I hope it continues to for the next 23 more days. I dropped the boy off at the airport yesterday :( and he won’t be back until the 24th.


For breakfast, I had a strawberry banana chocolate smoothie.

For my morning snack, I had a rice cake with almond butter (plain almond butter that I ground at the grocery store since I was out of Justin’s and some trail mix the boy made. I took a break from work to work on the super hard jigsaw puzzle I’ve had on the table for a couple of weeks… but I’m finally making some progress :D

On Monday night, the boy was craving some enchiladas and brought home lettuce, tortillas, rotisserie chicken, and a jar of salsa verde {he’s so cute… he even made sure it was gluten-free}. Enchiladas are the easiest thing to make and only take 5 minutes. However, I try not to have carbs in the evening, so I made myself some lettuce chicken tacos with the salsa.. I didn’t even miss the tortilla! I liked them so much that I had them for lunch yesterday as well with a side of black beans. The beans felt like they were missing something so after I took the photo, I added a tablespoon of cottage cheese and some salsa and mixed it all together.

I forgot to take photos of my snack.. but I’ll tell you I had some more of that trail mix. It’s addictive!!! It is now out of sight and out of my reach on top of the fridge! Nuts are a trigger food for me, so if I can’t help myself, I MUST put it away!

For dinner, I decided to try something new … cauliflower crust pizza! It was a little on the soggy side, but it was sooo good! I’ll have to play around with it a little more so I can tell you where I went wrong. Perhaps I didn’t let the cauliflower dry enough. I topped it with some more of the rotisserie chicken and a little bit of part skim mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Definitely going to make that again!

 I’m going to work on a list of things to do while the boy is away… when I do that, time seems to go by much faster! Next weekend, I’ll be going to visit my cousins. Perhaps I should put a little calendar together too!

What are your plans for August?


  1. Omg! Visiting Houston the same weekend! Can’t hardly wait to see you all!!! Love<3

  2. Cauliflower crust pizza? Interesting! My boyfriend & I are gluten-free and have gotten frustrated with tortillas.. corn, rice.. you name it. We’ve been talking about doing lettuce wraps more often – great idea!

    • Cauliflower crust doesn’t taste quite like pizza, but hey.. it’s close enough :) My friend owes me a recipe for quinoa tortillas.. have you tried any?

  3. Love Cauliflower Crust Pizza! I’m new to your blog; is the boy in the military?

  4. i look forward to see you again after three years!!!
    Love you
    aunt Ofes

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