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WIAW #15

Hello everyone and welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday!

On Monday, the boy and I picked our dinners for the week and went grocery shopping to stock up on the essentials plus what we needed for the dinner recipes. While I was getting my yogurt, I noticed we finally had Chocolate Chobani in stock and picked some up. My favourite pairing for chocolate is raspberries, and that’s what I had to have for breakfast yesterday morning!

Breakfast: Chocolate Chobani and Raspberries

I also picked up some jicama yesterday, and my favourite way to have it is with lime juice and Tajin, which is a lime/chili seasoning.

Jicama and Tajin

For lunch, I was craving a sandwich. We picked up some Applegate gluten-free roasted deli ham and Udi’s bread.

Ham, Cheese, Avocado sandwich with a garden salad

Eddie was hanging out in my office pretty much the whole day.. had to snap a pic :D

I had some cashews for an afternoon snack and then I had a Strawberry Core Power after our Tuesday Quality workout {foot drills plus 4 miles, followed by 4 strides} while making dinner.

For dinner, I made Chicken with Pepperoni Marinara Sauce. I could have sworn I made this for the boy previously, but he says he’s never had it. So I guess I must have made it when he was away on business. It was a hit. It’s easy to make and it doesn’t take long to prepare.

Cooking Light – Chicken with Pepperoni Marinara Sauce

Since we had a weekend full of junk, I had to be sure that I was back on track with my eating, so I wrote down all the dinners we had planned on our calendar, that way I know what I need to defrost ahead of time, and then we’re not scrambling after our workouts.

Do you ever plan your meals ahead of time?

Birthday Weekend!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a good weekend… I definitely did! It was my birthday yesterday, and we started to celebrate a little early.

On Thursday, we went out to dinner with the boy’s sister and brother-in-law then we went to see Lewis Black at the Paramount Theatre.

We had dinner at Bellini’s Texas Grill where I had a gluten-free pizza and a gluten-free blondie brownie :D

On Saturday, we went for a 6 mile run, showered, napped, and then we went out to dinner at BJ’s Brewery, and where I had more pizza and my friend and I shared a gluten-free pizookie! I should’ve taken more photos but I didn’t….

We then headed downtown and met up with our friends at Shangri-La

Me and my running buddy

Us girls

I somehow forgot to take a photo with the boy.. so here’s one from when we went to Mississippi

At our friends’ wedding in Mississippi

We had more friends who joined us for drinks… but I’ve been really bad at taking photos… perhaps I’ll ask Siri to remind me!

On Sunday, my actual birthday, the boy and I went on a recovery run {which was not a great one!} and then I showered and napped. I had gotten my birthday present earlier this week {which I posted on Instagram}

I’m such a lucky girl!!

But on Sunday, I got a couple of cards… including this one:

It’s not Eddie, but it sure looks like it!!

We had a late lunch due to my nap. We had wanted to have dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy on Saturday, but we couldn’t get reservations for the time we wanted. It’s not exactly healthy so we hadn’t been to Maggiano’s since we carb loaded for the Half Marathon.

My birthday meal – pasta Di Mare – it was amazinggg

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing.. I really enjoyed my birthday.. but now I gotta learn how to use my new camera before we go on vacation next month! I’m going to try to only take photos with it for WIAW so come back on Wednesday and see how I did.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

WIAW #14

Happy Hump Day! This week is flying for me, and I hope it’s going by quickly for you too :)

So far, our workouts have been mostly on track; the boy and I have both completed 8/9 workouts this month! I can’t say this weekend I made the best food choices, but I have been trying not to dwell on it and have moved on. Today was pretty good, except for dinner…

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter on toast and almond milk mixed with vanilla whey protein

For snacks, I had Fage Greek Yogurt {Mango & Guanabana flavour} and jalapeno string cheese

For lunch, I made Spaghetti Squash topped with a turkey and vegetable tomato sauce

And dinner was definitely the best meal of the day: Aztec Cake and a side garden salad

The boy had requested his favourite dish for dinner–Aztec Cake–on Monday, but I told him I’d make it on Tuesday night after our Quality run so that we would have burned some calories. The Aztec Cake is like a Mexican lasagna made with tortillas; the filling was chicken with zucchini and  corn. The sauce was made with salsa verde and cream cheese. It was all topped with some cheese. I couldn’t find it online. Anyway.. the boy was so happy with the recipe :)

In case you were wondering (because I know you guys lost sleep over it ;) ), I finished the Petit Fours on Monday… I sent some to the boy’s mom for her birthday which was yesterday. They turned out well {I wouldn’t recommend making them if you’re a perfectionist!}, but I might look for another recipe for the icing that isn’t as sweet.

Petit Fours prior to shipping

And that wraps up another WIAW… until next time :)

What’s your favourite dinner dish?


Tourists in Austin

Happy Monday! This weekend went by really quickly.

On Friday evening, we worked out and stayed in. Saturday started off with Half Marathon training and a 5 mile run for me {3 for the boy as he’s easing back into running}.

After weigh training, a shower, a nap, and running errands, we met up with some of the boy’s friends at the Cathedral of Junk. None of us had ever been.. it was cool but some parts were like they were out of a nightmare.


Next, we went to get out photo taken in front of a famous landmark in Austin… the “Greetings from Austin” mural at Roadhouse Relics. We wanted to go into the gallery, but it was closed.

We then went to dinner at Foreign & Domestic, a small restaurant which was featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” They were very accommodating to my dietary restrictions.

After dinner, we met up with some of our friends at a bar we frequent. Time flew by, and I celebrated the Mexican Independence Day (Sept 16) by drinking margaritas!

In case you’re wondering, yes that is a pic of Eddie I’m showing

It was a long but fun day :)

On Sunday, we didn’t do too much… the day started off with rain that lasted most of the day. I attempted to make this recipe for Vanilla Lime Pound Cake using Cup4Cup gluten-free flour, but it didn’t turn out; the cake didn’t rise, and it wouldn’t cook all throughout. I then made this recipe with regular flour as I didn’t have enough Cup4Cup. That recipe turned out well, so once I get some more Cup4Cup, I’ll give it a try. I sliced the cake into 3 pieces and then made 2 layer petit fours without the icing. I just didn’t feel like making it, and then coating all the pieces.. but I think I’ll do it tomorrow.

That was pretty much it for our weekend…

Do you like to play tourist in your city?

The weekend

is almost here! It’s cloudy and “chilly” by September standards.

Clouds above Texas

We have a pretty low-key weekend ahead of us: a couple of runs, some weight training, and lots of baking on my end… I think I’m going to tackle the advanced Petit Fours! I’ll try to take photos and I’ll report back on Monday!

I hope you have a good one!

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