Hello from Mississppi!

One of the boy’s closest friends is getting married on Saturday, so the boy invited me to come with him.

Our trip began on Wednesday afternoon with a little mishap…we left my luggage at home!! How does that happen? Well, I left it in the bedroom and I assumed the boy would put it in the car since he was loading it. We were in such a rush to leave that I didn’t check to make sure it was in there.
The good thing is that I had packed at least half my clothes in his luggage as he checked his, and I just wanted to bring a carry-on.


We bought some essentials last night, but was I glad I had packed my Synthroid and Cytomel separately!!
We’re about to go shopping, but let me tell you, there isn’t much around here!

I’ll keep you guys posted!


  1. Hi Cecy,
     I couldn´t believe what I was reading!!! Have a nice trip and post as much of pics as you can!
    Auntie Ofes

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