The weekend

is almost here! It’s cloudy and “chilly” by September standards.

Clouds above Texas

We have a pretty low-key weekend ahead of us: a couple of runs, some weight training, and lots of baking on my end… I think I’m going to tackle the advanced Petit Fours! I’ll try to take photos and I’ll report back on Monday!

I hope you have a good one!


  1. Acá está y seguirá lloviendo :( Como vamos a celebrar nuestra Noche Mexicana con lluvia??? Acuérdate de comer algún antojito mexicano ya sean taquitos, enchiladas o sopes!!! Viva México!!!

  2. Helloooo? It was cold here since the beginning of September! :( I still trying not to wear a sweater, the summer may last longer! :) My flowers almost gone and a lot of leaves falling and changing colours. We still have a few nice days. :)

    • I know… but this is Texas not Canada :P it’s been really comfortable here so I was glad that the temperatures went down a bit. We’re supposed to get a “cold” front but I’ll let you know what they mean by “cold.”  I saw a double rainbow today and thought of you :)

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