Tourists in Austin

Happy Monday! This weekend went by really quickly.

On Friday evening, we worked out and stayed in. Saturday started off with Half Marathon training and a 5 mile run for me {3 for the boy as he’s easing back into running}.

After weigh training, a shower, a nap, and running errands, we met up with some of the boy’s friends at the Cathedral of Junk. None of us had ever been.. it was cool but some parts were like they were out of a nightmare.


Next, we went to get out photo taken in front of a famous landmark in Austin… the “Greetings from Austin” mural at Roadhouse Relics. We wanted to go into the gallery, but it was closed.

We then went to dinner at Foreign & Domestic, a small restaurant which was featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” They were very accommodating to my dietary restrictions.

After dinner, we met up with some of our friends at a bar we frequent. Time flew by, and I celebrated the Mexican Independence Day (Sept 16) by drinking margaritas!

In case you’re wondering, yes that is a pic of Eddie I’m showing

It was a long but fun day :)

On Sunday, we didn’t do too much… the day started off with rain that lasted most of the day. I attempted to make this recipe for Vanilla Lime Pound Cake using Cup4Cup gluten-free flour, but it didn’t turn out; the cake didn’t rise, and it wouldn’t cook all throughout. I then made this recipe with regular flour as I didn’t have enough Cup4Cup. That recipe turned out well, so once I get some more Cup4Cup, I’ll give it a try. I sliced the cake into 3 pieces and then made 2 layer petit fours without the icing. I just didn’t feel like making it, and then coating all the pieces.. but I think I’ll do it tomorrow.

That was pretty much it for our weekend…

Do you like to play tourist in your city?


  1. Hola Cecy, 
    Cuando regresé a Monterrey, fui una turista en mi ciudad, aun ahora asi lo siento pues ya no conozco muchos lugares y la ciudad ha cambiado mucho con tantos puentes y cambios en la vialidad, no creo poder conducir aquí nuevamente. peor aqúi en Apodaca pues estaba fuera de mi entorno, ni los cerros conocía!!! para mi fue frustrante estar en mi ciudad y sentirme extranjera…
    Una de tus fotos donde están las cabezas de las muñecas parece de pesadilla, verdad? Que miedo!!!
    Tía Ofelia

    • I can imagine how difficult it is to move back and not recognize things.
      In regards to driving, you can do anything you set your mind to :) You can’t let fear run your life… 
      The doll heads were pretty scary!!

  2. We usually are tourists in our city every time somebody come to visit us. I still saving some places for more visitors but outside my city. Quebec, Ten thousand islands,  etc. anybody coming soon?

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