WIAW #13

Hello all! Last I left you, I was in Mississippi without half my clothes, shoes, make-up, bags… anyway, we hit a few stores and ended up getting  a top, undies & bras, a pair of flats & flip flops, some socks, hair product, and some make-up after stopping by Marshalls, Target, and Ulta. Let me tell you, I had forgotten what it was like trying to apply make-up without brushes! I forgot to get some, and thought I’d do without.. it wasn’t so easy!

We had a good time with the boy’s friends and at the wedding.. we gambled a bit, but didn’t win :( A beach wedding had been planned, but thanks to Hurricane Isaac, it had to be moved indoors as the beach was still too much of a mess!

Anyhooo… it’s Wednesday! This month’s theme for WIAW is “Fall into good habits” and being back after eating junk in MS, I’m glad to be back in a routine!

For breakfast, I had a pineapple Chobani, and for my snack, I had an apple with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

I stopped by a My Fit Foods on my way to work and picked up some Turkey Pasta

Snack time at work: a Kind Bar {not pictured} and some almonds

On Saturday, we started Half Marathon training with a 3 mile run. This evening, we had foot drills, a 3 mile run {mine was more like 2.5 miles}, sprints, and some core work. While I was prepping dinner, I grabbed some chips and had a Strawberry Core Power {also not pictured}

For dinner, we had the Cheese-Stuffed Chicken from Oxygen mag. This was the second meal this week that we weren’t impressed with. We rated it a C; it needed more seasoning. It didn’t even have any salt.

To help us get back on track, we got a dry erase calendar so we can see what we have coming up and what workouts we need to do.

We have our Half Marathon Training in green, my weight training workouts in red, the boy’s personal training in blue, purple for non-workout stuff. We put  checkmarks for completed workouts. I’m also logging all my food intake, even if it’s not pretty… It’s not about being perfect though, so I’m going to remind myself not to be so hard on myself.

I’m really excited to have a set schedule and to have an awesome coach for training, even if the workout last night did kick our butts!

What are you doing to “fall into good habits”?


  1. Hiya! Found your blog through WIAW. I’ve only recently (as in last week) been diagnosed as having a gluten sensitivity, so I’m still learning what not to eat. I also have Hashimoto’s (along with several other health issues). I’ve only just started reading your posts, but am enjoying them very much!
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