Caribbean Vacation – Part 2

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

Just in case you missed it, the posts about my vacation are:

Last I left you, we were in St. Thomas and we’d come back from our Ecotour. After lunch, we headed to a bar nearby… the boy had seen they had swings for chairs, and he had to get a drink (or two) there.

Mojo’s… just look at that smile!

In the evening, we went to a seminar at the gym, and there was an announcement we were turning around as there was a medical emergency onboard, and the US Coast Guard was coming to get a passenger from the ship. We went about our business, then made our way back to our room.. we were looking to see how far out from land we were when we saw the Coast Guard approaching.

They came, got the passenger, and went, and while we were having dinner, they came back to get the family. I hope all is well.

After dinner, we decided to lighten things up a bit, and went to play Bingo… we didn’t win.

We didn’t win.. but it was a good distraction

Day 5: Our only at sea day – I got up early to go do my Quality workout {if you’re wondering, the boy is nursing shin splints, so he’s not able to run until told otherwise} as we had a Body Composition Analysis appointment at 10am. I went up to the jogging track where each track was 1/10th of a mile.

It was very windy and I decided to head down to the gym and finish my run there. We got our analysis done, which didn’t really tell us much. They were just trying to sell us some detox supplements and bath items, but we declined as I needed to do my own research. We relaxed for the rest of the day and I dressed up for elegant night for dinner.

Day 6: Barbados – I was really excited to see the sea turtles and we booked a catamaran tour. We got to see them during the first half of the trip. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a lot of photos as the boy had loaded the wrong card into the camera and had to delete a lot of photos while we were with the sea turtles.

Sea turtles weren’t shy

It’s feeding time!

We went to a different spot and while we had lunch onboard while traveling, and then we went to a different beach. After snorkling for a bit, we went on a short walk on the beach.

Oh so romantic!

We had a lot off fun on the tour.

Day 7: St. Lucia – We booked a tour of St. Lucia on bus and catamaran.

One of the stops along the tour

On our way to Soufriere, we stopped at a botanical garden… I seem to have been really attracted to the red and pink flowers.

Once we got to Soufriere, we boarded a catamaran and stopped at a beach.

The sand was dark because it was lava particles

It started raining while we were there, and then we left.. We got a tour of some of the resorts nearby. It cleared up a bit.. the colour of the water was amazing!

We had a great time on the tour.

I think I’ve sucked enough of your bandwidth for the day ;) so I’ll stop here. Part 3 will be posted later on this week.

How was your weekend?

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