WIAW #16 – Busy October edition

Welcome to October! So far it’s been one busy month and we’re only 3 days in!! As a result, this is a MEGA post.. I’ve been meaning to post the last 3 days so this post wouldn’t be as bad.. but I just didn’t.

First of all, October 1st marked one year that the boy and I started running with Rogue. That day, I was pretty sure I could only run for 2 minutes straight before running out of breath! Turns out I was wrong… since then, we ran a 5K, a half marathon, and a 10 miler, and we’re training for 2 more half marathons {3M and Austin again}, and made some good friends. I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

Yesterday morning, I woke up and checked my email. A photo of the two of us greeted me:

That was the picture that we took after the Austin Half Marathon in February.. talk about timing!! If you’re interested in running, I highly recommend finding a running group near you… running with people and in a structured environment is amazing. Try looking for running stores near you; quite often, they have programs or can help you find one.  I honestly don’t think I would have stuck it out this long without the support of the Rogue community.

As I mentioned earlier, things have been busy this week… after work on Monday, I went to a Chocolate Truffles class, and yesterday, to the Rolled Buttercream class, both at Make It Sweet. Because I would be missing my Quality workout yesterday, I emailed my coach during the weekend and he told me we’d be doing Fartleks.. which for us was a 1 mile warm up, then run 3 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow for 2 miles, and then a 1 mile cool down. So I did it on Tuesday before work, and let me tell you, my legs are so sore!! I was a little hungrier than usual, so I made me some breakfast tacos.

I used Applegate Black Forest ham {which I believe I mentioned on my post last week}. I love this brand because they’re gluten-free, and have no nitrites or nitrates… hard to find this combination! I also cheated and used store-bought salsa. I really need to make my own!!

I had a late lunch as my heavy breakfast tide me over until then… On Sunday night, the boy and I made the Pioneer Woman’s Surf & Turn Cajun Pasta with GF pasta, minus the beef, so I guess it was just Surf Cajun Pasta ;) We had some leftovers, and I figured even though it wasn’t GREAT for me, I didn’t want it to go to waste. We didn’t use the seasonings recommended {we didn’t shop for them as we were actually going to do shrimp kabobs and I was craving cajun pasta} so it was a little bland, but I’m sure if we had spicier seasonings, it would’ve made a huge difference.

I mentioned the truffles, which we tasted on Monday night, and the Strawberry truffles were my favourite by FAR. I ate the last one yesterday…

I’m going to try making these with raspberry filling next time! {don’t worry.. the boy still has the mimosa, nutella, and mint chocolate ones left}

Before class, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for a cute but protective case for my iPhone 5 that arrived yesterday. This is the one I found:

Speck iPhone 5 FabShell case in MegaPlaid Mulberry/Plaid {it was $29.99 at Target}

I didn’t have much time between finding this and class so I dropped by My Fit Foods and I picked this for dinner:

My Fit Foods Chicken Nuggets

They’re gluten-free nuggets! I wasn’t crazy about the carrots though… I’m not huge on cooked carrots on their own. I’ll definitely be getting those again!

In class, we learned how to make and use rolled buttercream instead of fondant… it tastes a lot better.. maybe it’s because of the shortening!! Once I  learned how much sugar and shortening goes into frosting last year, I never looked at it the same way! It’s good for a treat though :)

Cake with Rolled Buttercream icing

So this month’s WIAW theme is spooky treats and healthy halloween treats, and I didn’t quite cover that today, so I’ll be sure to make some next week! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week :)

What’s your favourite cake frosting flavour?


  1. La crema batida es uno de mis favoritos!!! está  riquisima!!!
    saludos Cecy

  2. Busy, busy, busy like a bee!!! The cake looks  beautiful!!! I am glad you are learning more technics y being happy at the same time!! Love.

  3. Wow those tacos look delicious!!!! p.s. did you make those chocolates! They look wonderful.

    • Thank you.. they were delicious ;)
      I did make the chocolates :D I took the class so I could add something completely new to my repertoire!

  4. That cake is gorgeous!!! And I totally love your iphone case!
    Chelsea @ahintofhealthy recently posted..A birthday dinner and WIAWMy Profile

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