WIAW #18 – Back to Regular Programming Edition

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been well while I’ve been away. The boy and I got home from our vacation on Monday evening. We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Friday, October 12. We boarded the Carnival Victory on Sunday, October 14, and we docked in St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. We returned to San Juan on Sunday morning, and flew back on Monday. Since today is WIAW, I’m going to post a few photos of the food I had while we were away.  Just a warning: I didn’t take a lot of photos of food as we had most of our meals on the ship, and I didn’t bring a camera or my cell phone as we didn’t have internet access on our phones from the time we left St. Thomas until we got back to San Juan.

We flew Jet Blue from Austin to San Juan via Fort Lauderdale; I hadn’t flown Jet Blue in maybe 6 years… they either weren’t flying where we were going (like Toronto) or their schedule didn’t fit our needs. However, I’m a fan of Jet Blue and I always suggest it whenever we travel. While we were on the plane, I looked at the inflight information pamphlet with our snack, drinks, and entertainment options.  They had a GF snack pack you could get, and they also had POPCorners chips in Caramel flavour. I didn’t buy the snack pack, but I did try the corn chips and they were really good. I’m going to look for the other flavours.

On our layover, we went to Chili’s and I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had a gluten-free menu. I chose the Sweet and Spicy chicken and it was delicious!

Our first night in Puerto Rico, we went to Lemon Grass, which was a restaurant on the hotel property. There wasn’t anything on the menu that was gluten-free {even though when I called, I was told there were GF options}. I had to get a garden salad and plain salmon.

For our second day in PR, I had an omelette with veggies and ham, a couple of fries, and some bacon.

Our second night in PR, we went to Morton’s The Steakhouse which was also on the hotel grounds. I was impressed with their gluten-free menu. I chose a mixer with filet mignon, shrimp, and bacon wrapped scallops, and along with a salad {not pictured}.

Our first night on the ship, I had the flank steak with veggies:

In Barbados, we were on a catamaran that served us lunch… I had the bean salad, regular salad, rice, and curry chicken

I don’t remember which night this was, but I ordered seafood pasta on the ship. I believe it was corn pasta, and the pasta wasn’t very tasty; I think I’m just used to quinoa pasta.

On the cruise, my breakfast consisted of  eggs and bacon, and  yogurt with fruit. I wasn’t impressed by the eggs, so when we had a chance, I grabbed an omelette. The scrambled eggs tasted a bit powdery, and i’m used to Greek yogurt, so I wasn’t a big fan of the one available on the ship. Lunch mostly consisted of salad, potato salad, and some sort of meat. In regards to dinner, we had a bit of an issue at first. When the boy booked the cruise, they told him that there would be gluten-free items I could pick from the menu. On the second night we were there, we were told was that the best thing to do was to tell the hostess that I am gluten-free. However, on the 3rd evening, we found out that I could preorder for the following day. This made things a lot easier and it relieved a lot of stress in regards to food.

The meals I enjoyed the most on the cruise were the ones that didn’t have gluten to begin with, such as the steak, or the seafood. When I tried to have something that would’ve had gluten, such as pasta, or bread, is when I was disappointed. The service from the hostess that helped me with preordering my food was great!

We had an awesome time on our vacation; stay tuned for the photos!


  1. I’m currently eating a post workout smoothie & completely jealous of all of your meals. Oh how I wish I could turn my smoothie into one of those gorgeous entrees!! 
    Jessie recently posted..WIAW: SPAMy Profile

  2. i lov la presenteichon de la comideichon… :)

  3. Every picture looks beautiful! Every single one. That omellete is especially calling my name! And my goodness – those fries aren’t messin’ around. They’re huge!

    • Thanks Kelsey! Most of them were taking with my iPhone!! I like how the new iPhone camera works better in dark settings.

  4. Wow. What a great collection of gluten-free eats! I didn’t know that Chili’s had a gluten-free menu either. When I get home I may just have to convince my family to test it out. Although… I don’t think it will take much convincing. We hardly ever eat out anymore because of me :D

    • It’s so frustrating trying to eat out.. I’ll admit I started crying one morning after having those powdery eggs once again and couldn’t eat a danish or a nice pastry! On the bright side, I ate a lot healthier than I would have had I been able to have gluten!

  5. Yummm all that looks delicious! I can’t wait for the rest of your pics :)

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