Announcement + A Glimpse of the Weekend

I realize it’s now Tuesday but I figured I’d show you a glimpse of my weekend.

But before I go into the weekend, though, I have an announcement: after 2.5 years of dating,  the boy proposed on Thursday! Of course I said yes… It was a very sweet proposal at home, followed by a couple of calls to our families. We haven’t talked about a date yet; we’re enjoying just becoming engaged :)

And now onto the weekend…

1. On Friday, we went to see Taking Back Sunday, one of my favourite bands from when going to concerts was my life. It was the 10th anniversary tour for their first album, Tell All Your Friends. The show was sold out, and the venue was packed. I had a lot of fun singing along to most of the songs, and the next morning, I didn’t have much of a voice!

After 4 hours of sleep, I got up to go on a 6 mile run with a couple of running buddies, including A. After a nap, I ran errands, put horror/carnival themed video clips together for the party, and made some goodies for a Carnevil party my friends were hosting. First, we made these “severed fingers” cookies {they looked like this} and I used the Wilton recipe but I used Cup4Cup instead of all purpose flour. they turned out really well! While the cookies were baking, I made some skeleton finger chocolates with pretzel sticks. I wish I would’ve taken photos but we were in such a rush!

2. & 3. We then got ready for the party and went there. The boy and I were clowns.. he was Evil and I was Sad. I really couldn’t look at the boy; he was  scary!! Some of our friends were dressed in carnival themed costumes, and others had halloween themed costumes, or just costumes. We had a blast at the party!

4. On Sunday morning, Eddie figured out how to open the bedroom door and climbed into bed with us. I was thinking he was sooo cute…

5.  … Until I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to find that the cats had pulled a bag from the pantry and gotten a bag of treats out!

We didn’t do much the rest of Saturday.. it was a good day to relax :D

How was your weekend?


  1. Hi Cecy, First of all, CONGRATULATIONS again for your engagement!!! My Saturday was full of work, Thank GOD I could make some money. Sunday was good just relaxing…


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