WIAW #21 – It was a chilly day in Texas

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far. Another WIAW is upon us {Thanks Jenn for hosting this little party :)}

I knew the weather was going to get chillier, so I made sure we had bananas in stock so I could make hot oatmeal in the morning. I put half a banana in with the milk and water so I don’t need any sugar. I topped it off with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter and some cinnamon.

It seriously feels like a warm hug

On Monday night, I had all this energy… I made dinner, turkey quinoa muffins, and what I had for lunch yesterday: Seafood Corn Chowder {from Clean Eating magazine}

This recipe was easy to make, it didn’t require too much time in front of the stove. It called for one jalapeño with seeds if desired; I wasn’t expecting it to be so spicy as jalapeños don’t give me much a bite. However, it did a good job in cleaning my sinuses!! Despite my mouth being on fire, it was still delicious. I give this an A.

In the morning, I had a jalapeño string cheese, and in the afternoon, I ate a turkey quinoa muffin… how I missed them!!

Lately, I’ve been dreading the Tuesday Quality workouts. It’s dark and they aren’t the easiest workouts of the week. I missed a workout a couple of weeks ago, and last week, the thought of going put me in a bad mood. I knew this had to change. When I broke my toe last summer, I threw myself a pity party for not being able to run, and here I am healthy, and I am dreading it. So this week, I just reminded myself that the workouts allow me to get some fresh air, to chat with the girls, and to work on my legs! Even though it was in the 50s and I had to wear long sleeves, I didn’t dread it, and the workout {almost 6 miles, plus foot drills, ab workouts, and stretching} went by rather quickly. In fact, I was surprised that I was getting home at 8pm! I had a Strawberry Banana Core Power while I cooked dinner.

While I was picking out recipes this past weekend, I remembered that we still had some cranberries leftover, and this recipe looked really good. The honey cranberry sauce was really good… I didn’t taste the orange in the quinoa, but I also should have used half the paprika since I only cooked 1/2 cup of quinoa. Overall, this recipe was delicious; the chicken was nice and juicy, the honey cranberry sauce had the right amount of tartness, and the quinoa wasn’t too bad. We gave this recipe an A.

November’s WIAW theme is Fall Into Good Habits… This week, I decided I needed to get serious. I keep trying to get back on the wagon, and 2 months later, I’ve gained 8 lbs. Enough is enough… This week, I planned my workouts for the week, planned dinners, we went grocery shopping, I prepped snacks. It’s been a little challenging since the temperatures have dropped here in Central Texas. The problem with “cold” weather is the craving for comfort foods; I knew this was coming so when I was picking out the recipes and thinking about my grocery list, I knew I’d want some oatmeal and soup! So far, this has really helped curb my cravings!

What are you doing to Fall Into Good Habits?


  1. La verdad no puedo hacer mucho por estar en buenos hábitos ya que como no soy la mama de la casa, pues tengo que comer lo que las hijas decidan. Aun así, lo único  que puedo hacer es no comer mucho de lo que se que no es sano para mi. Admiro tu fuerza de voluntad y tu buen ánimo de preparar tantos y tan variados platillos! Ya te puedes casar! (joke)
    Tía Ofelia

  2. Such a great day of meals. I love your heart shapped bowl btw. Too adorable!
    Jessie recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

  3. WOWWW I need to get a subscription to Clean Eating Magazine! I’m drooling like crazy over all your eats! Orange paprika quinoa?? Delicious! Thanks for sharing and have a great Wednesday! 
    Sloane @strengthinfreedom recently posted..WIAW {experimentation time}My Profile

  4. Wow. I’m really impressed how you stuck to your guns this week concerning your fall habits for WIAW. I have been epically failing at mine!

    Those turkey muffins look really good! Happy WIAW!

  5. Honey cranberry chicken sounds like an awesome combo! 
    Love your heart shaped oatmeal bowl :)
    Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily recently posted..Pity Party OverMy Profile

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