WIAW #22 – An easy-going Tuesday

Hello everyone! Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn.

This week was a bit different than usual… it was a friend’s birthday on Monday so we went downtown “for a little bit” and the drinks were flowing, and I had a little too much to drink. I wasn’t feeling great yesterday morning, but I wasn’t feeling terrible either. Except that meant I wasn’t hungry much.

I had a very late breakfast which consisted of Van’s flax waffles with a fruit spread, and I felt much better. For lunch, I had a whole can of Gluten-Free Cafe‘s chicken noodle soup. It really helped settle my stomach.

As a snack, I had 2 oranges with Tajin sprinkled on them.. Tajin is a seasoning I sprinkle on fruits (apples, oranges, pineapple, etc) and some veggies (like cucumber slices and jicama), but you can add it to a lot of different things! I also grabbed a handful of trail mix before our quality workout. Luckily, it was short (and by short, I mean 5.2 miles and no core exercises afterwards).

I was going to make some chicken tacos for dinner, but the boy requested enchiladas instead. He *conveniently* forgot to get some lettuce at the grocery store so I couldn’t have my salad. By the time dinner was ready, I was STARVING! We drank some strawberry lemonade Nuun to help us re-hydrate.

What are some foods you like to eat after a night of drinking?


  1. Hi Cecy,
    mmmmmmmmm…no se que contestar pues NUNCA he tomado, pero dicen los entendidos que un menudo siempre cae bien…y otros se toman una cerveza, quesque para entonar…algunos otros comen algo muy picoso…la verdad no se para que…
    Tía ofelia

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