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Race Recap: Rogue 10K

Running the Rogue 10K was not in my plans; my friend’s birthday celebration was scheduled for the night before, and I didn’t want to mess with my training schedule. The 10K sold out, and I was okay with it. I then realized I would have to run 14 miles alone {2 friends were running the 10K and Alicia is doing the Plan, so she can’t work out for long periods of time} and our Rogue location wasn’t supporting the run as the water coolers were being prepped for the 10K/30K.

Rogue then opened up the 10K again allowing more people to sign up, and our coach told us that if we raced it at 10K pace, we didn’t have to run 2 miles before and 2 miles after. So I sign up for my very first 10K, so long as we “raced” it because I couldn’t picture myself running those 4 miles aside from the race.

My goal for this race was to run it in 1:00:49 as my time trial said I should be able to do… but I really wanted to get a time under 1 hour. I felt confident in this race because we did the half marathon 2 weeks prior to this race, and I felt great for the first 9 miles, so I was excited to “only” run 6 miles.

Ever since I had a cold, things have been bothering my stomach, and a couple of days before the race were no different. Despite this, I still planned on having 2 alcoholic beverages on Saturday night. While I had my second drink, my stomach started hurting. I drank some lime juice at the bar, but I couldn’t drink any more water.

Sunday morning came, and Eddie woke us up at 5am… half hour before I was scheduled to wake up. We were wide awake, so the fiancé came with me to the race {he was just going to show up at the finish line at 8am}. One of our friends was not going to make it, so I met up with my 2 friends at the race.

Before the race

Before the race

C and I went to the start, and at 7:20am, the horn went off and we started walking towards the start line. Once we approached it, we started running. I wanted to run at a comfortable pace, and then once we were out of the pack, we could adjust our pace, just like we’d done at the 3M.

Once we were off, my legs felt a little weird, and I wondered if I should have worn my old shoes for this race. I looked down at my Garmin and saw that our pace was under 9 minutes, which was not a speed I could keep up for a long time, so I slowed down and did my first mile in 9:06. I knew I was still going too fast, and had to slow down further or I would burn out real quick; it was really disheartening to see so many people pass me, and to see my friend pull further ahead of me. The second  mile seemed to go on forever. When the water stop came up, I slowed down and got some water.  As I passed the water stop, I started to see people coming back.. the course was 3.1 miles out and then back. The course was supposed to be flat, or so I thought, and it didn’t feel like it. However, because I was going uphill so much, I was excited to go downhill on our way back.

At the turnaround

At the turnaround (Photo credit: AzulOx Photography)

I start going back, and it certainly didn’t feel like there were any down hills… the course felt pretty flat. I was excited about the wind hitting my face though, it was refreshing. However, the wind was making it harder for me to move forward…

The water stop was slowly approaching and I was deciding whether or not I should get water because my stomach was hurting again. I decided against the water and kept running. I saw that I was slowing down, and I was giving it my all, but I was still about 20 seconds too slow… people were passing me again, and I could barely see my friend anymore. It felt like I was never going to end. I looked down at my Garmin again, and I was at 49 minutes, and I still had more than a mile to go. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t going to get under 1 hour, but I pushed myself anyway…

This was one race where I had to tell myself out loud that I could do this, not to stop, because I just wanted to walk so badly. I needed water, and I was running out of energy. Regrets about not bringing a water bottle ran through my mind as I contemplated having my energy gel which is supposed to be followed with water. I decided to take little bits of it to help me out mentally. I immediately felt like I had more energy.  Next came up the final hill I had warned my friend about when we were running together. It was a killer, but my coach’s voice was going through my head telling us how to handle hills… we approached the high school and we still had about a half mile to go, and I passed some people as soon as I was over the hill.

The last stretch felt like the longest part. I really wanted to be done with the run, and more than before, I was telling myself that I could do this, that I shouldn’t stop. I rounded the last corner and saw the fiancé and Alicia cheering me on, and the fiancé was waving me in, so I started running as fast as I possibly could.

Mad dash to the finish line

Mad dash to the finish line

My legs felt like they were going to give out, but I was focused. I was disappointed when I saw the clock as I was approaching it and it was almost at 1:01, but I kept running and I heard my name being announced.

The first person I saw was my half marathon coach from last year who congratulated me and told me to take deep breaths when I was having trouble breathing. C met me, and she was like “breathe, get some water” and I started crying. The fiancé and Alicia met up with us, and I was just like “that was terrible!” It was the worst race I’d ever run. I left it all out there, but I didn’t meet my BHAG {Big, Hairy, and Audacious Goal}. I’ll admit, I was very disappointed, but I was so glad it was over!

After the race

After the race

Yesterday, I found out my official time was 1:00:21, which was still under my first target goal. However, I was still sad, but I talked it through with the fiancé, and there were many factors that may have affected the outcome. My upset stomach & GI problems, the alcohol I drank the night before, not having drank enough water nor eating well the week before the race, not getting enough sleep, and not having eaten anything prior to the race. I looked at my mile average pace


That 5th mile was the one that killed me, but I came to terms with it, and I’m actually very happy with it… I gave it my all and still came away with a very impressive time.

After core class today, C and I talked about our next race and how we’re going to tackle it. I’m looking forward to seeing what my body can do when I’ve properly prepped for a race and have had almost 6 months of training!

WIAW #26 – Road Trip Edition

Today is a great Wednesday as my fiancé is coming home :D I’m so excited about it… This is a special WIAW because I am going to post some of the photos from this weekend.. Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW party.

My friend Alicia invited me on a last-minute trip out to Houston/Sugar Land to go see an author of a book we’d been talking about for over a week– “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas:

In this revolutionary book, cutting-edge nutrition expert Lyn-Genet Recitas reveals the surprising truth behind what actually makes people pack on the pounds. Carbs and portion sizes, it turns out, are not the problem. Foods that are revered by traditional weight loss programs, such as turkey, eggs, cauliflower, beans, and tomatoes, may be healthy in a vacuum, but when combined with each person’s unique chemistry, they can cause a toxic reaction that triggers weight gain, premature aging, inflammation, and a host of health problems including constipation, migraines, joint pain, and depression.

Alicia first saw Lyn-Genet on Dr. Oz and told me about it. I had a few episodes of Dr. Oz DVR’ed, so I was able to watch the segment (you can watch it here), and it made a lot of sense. Anyway, I decided to go with Alicia on a day trip, we were going to head out around noon and come back that evening.  During our run on Saturday, we decided to stay the night. We hit the road at 11:30 and got to our destination three hours later.

Sugar Land City Hall

Sugar Land City Hall

Lyn-Genet talked to us about the book, her experiences with the plan, and answered questions. We then watched the Dr. Oz segment. Afterwards, Lyn-Genet signed copies of her book.

Lyn-Genet, Alicia, and me @ Ruggles Green (credit: Ruggles Green FB)

Lyn-Genet, Alicia, and me @ Ruggles Green (credit: Ruggles Green FB)

What I was really looking forward to, however, was trying out the food at the venue, Ruggles Green, which is a certified green restaurant and has a lot of Gluten-Free options.

Alicia had a burger, which had the most amazing bun!

Alicia had a burger, which had the most amazing bun! It was fluffy and had a nice flavor

I had the Crab & Shrimp Pasta, which was sooo good, that I ate it all!!

I had the Crab & Shrimp Pasta, which was sooo good that I ate it all!!

After a bit of shopping, we went to P.F. Chang’s for dessert and drinks.

Drinks @ P.F. Chang's

Drinks @ P.F. Chang’s

We had the Chocolate Dome for dessert, but we actually took it back to the hotel. We checked into the hotel around 8:30, had our dessert, tried to stay up, but by 9:00, it was lights out! We were exhausted. I slept until about 7, we got ready, and drove back to Austin. Since it was Sunday, we decided to grab brunch at Wild Wood Cafe.

Brunch @ Wild Wood Cafe

Brunch @ Wild Wood Cafe – chicken tamale, migas, French toast, bacon, potatoes, and bean & veggie enchilada 

It was a short, but fun trip. I definitely learned a lot, and in regards to “The Plan,” I will be trying it out after the Austin Half Marathon. I know there are some foods that are reactive to my body, and I have been frustrated when my weight has gone up when eating clean. I’m going to wait to do the plan until after the half marathon because it’s best that you don’t exercise during the 20 days of the plan.

How was your weekend? Did you have Monday off?

Week 2 : Shrinking Jeans New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge


So we wrapped up week 2, and I had a 3 lb loss!! I spent a lot of the week sick, so as you will see from the bits of the report below, I didn’t have a lot of activity except for the half marathon and the recovery quality workout on Tuesday. I did, however, log all my food, and for the most part, I remained under my calorie budget.

What worked this week:

  • drinking lots of liquids
  • getting lots of rest
  •  having friends to run the half marathon with.. right off the bat, one said “it’s just a long run with a bunch of people”
  • talking to my sister (my teammate)

Proud Moment

One proud moment this challenge so far was running the 3M Half Marathon while I still had a cold. I didn’t know if I had it in me.. walking around the house left me exhausted. I emailed my coach, who told me take to some DayQuil and said ” it won’t be as fun or easy but you could definitely get the work done because of your strength.” Except it was fun, and not as hard as I expected it to be. I was super proud of my legs for powering through the last mile and a bit, and achieving my PR!

My shiny medal

My shiny medal

Here are a few of the stats from my BodyMedia armband

Calorie Consumption - Week 2

Protein was low because of all the chicken noodle soup, toast, and orange juice consumed

Physical Activity per Day - Week 2

Lots and lots of rest…

Calorie Balance By Day - Week 2

6/7 days is pretty good…

What I’ll do differently next week:

  • Get all my workouts in — luckily this is a recovery week from the half marathon :D
  • Get more fruits and vegetables in
  • Eat more protein

If you’re doing a challenge or working on your New Year’s Resolutions, how did you do this week?

WIAW #25 – Remnants of a Cold

Happy Hump Day! I’m a little excited that it’s Wednesday, and for me it means that in one week, the boy will be home :D He’s been gone for just over a week, but I’ve missed him lots!  And because it is Wednesday, here are my eats.. Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the link party.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about the 3M Half Marathon, I’ve had a cold, and I’m almost over it, but I didn’t want to have a lot of dairy. From my understanding, dairy can produce phlegm, and I really want to kick the cold. Yogurt was out… then I wanted cereal, but that was out as well. I grabbed the last couple of eggs and scrambled them along with a little bit of black forest ham, some red bell peppers, onions, and a serrano pepper. I had my eggs with a couple of corn tortillas.


Between breakfast and lunch, my stomach started hurting, and I thought back to the ham, and how my mom always told me that pork is too heavy to digest when you’re sick. So I decided to have a light lunch with gluten-free chicken noodle soup (Gluten-Free Cafe) and toast (Rudi’s).


In the afternoon, I had a Kind bar, and that was okay.  I made some spaghetti squash in preparation for dinner, so I could make something quickly.

Just because I ran a half marathon on Sunday doesn’t mean that the season is over… so I went to my quality workout, even though it was cold and my quads were really sore. The scheduled workout for those of us who ran the half marathon would be a short one, so that made it a little more bearable.  We just had to run 3 miles and some strides, and I was done in about an hour! When I got home, I had a Strawberry Core Power.


For dinner, I heated up the spaghetti squash, and cooked some ground turkey to put into some tomato sauce. It was fast, easy, and it really hit the spot!


After dinner, I was craving something sweet, so I had a packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter all by itself. I love that stuff.

How’s winter treating you so far? Have you stayed healthy?

3M Half Marathon

On Sunday, I ran my second half marathon. Before Sunday, I wasn’t so sure I would be able to do it; I had come down with a cold on Wednesday, and I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling, if I’d be able to run a mile without feeling exhausted. Rest, vitamin C, saltwater gargles, chicken noodle soup, and Buckley’s cough syrup were what my days consisted of. It was hard to rest, but I knew I had to if I hoped to be well enough to run the race.

At 4am on Sunday morning, my alarm went off, and I got up, checked the weather which said it felt like 31 and would continue to feel like 31 until after 9am, and it would be windy, so I decided on tights instead capris, and I brought an extra long sleeve top. I rolled out, had breakfast, drank a bit of water, took my cold medicine, and headed out. Shortly after 5am, I met up with a couple of the girls I was running with and 2 of us got a ride so the other could pick up the fourth friend.

We got to the race area way too early, so we hung out at a nearby hotel while we waited the other friends to arrive and for the race to start. It was a cold start as the wind was blowing hard, but we know we wouldn’t be facing it for long. As we started, we reminded ourselves that it was just a long run with a bunch of people around us.

We aimed for about an 11 minute mile pace, and we started off at a comfortable pace;  it was actually a 10:40 mile.  We sustained approximately this pace for the first 9 miles. This part of the race went by super fast. At mile 10, we saw our friend’s family cheering us on! Our friend’s husband took this photo of us.

Mile 10

Around mile 10 was also when we started to feel as though the miles were getting longer and longer… Our pace was still good, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to beat my personal record of 2:25:06. Around so around mile 12, I left the girls and picked up the pace. I came in at 2:21:21, which was 3:45 under last year’s time. I was very excited!

My shiny medal

My shiny medal

Running buddies

Running buddies

After the race, we went to celebrate at Hopdoddy’s Burger bar for an early lunch. I’d never been there, but our friend, A, goes there because she loves the burgers, but also because they have gluten-free buns! This place definitely lived up to expectations!

Hopdoddy burger & fries

Hopdoddy burger & fries

Aside from the weather, the race was great and I had a lot of fun. I hope the Austin Half Marathon in less than 5 weeks will be as good to me :)

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