3M Half Marathon

On Sunday, I ran my second half marathon. Before Sunday, I wasn’t so sure I would be able to do it; I had come down with a cold on Wednesday, and I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling, if I’d be able to run a mile without feeling exhausted. Rest, vitamin C, saltwater gargles, chicken noodle soup, and Buckley’s cough syrup were what my days consisted of. It was hard to rest, but I knew I had to if I hoped to be well enough to run the race.

At 4am on Sunday morning, my alarm went off, and I got up, checked the weather which said it felt like 31 and would continue to feel like 31 until after 9am, and it would be windy, so I decided on tights instead capris, and I brought an extra long sleeve top. I rolled out, had breakfast, drank a bit of water, took my cold medicine, and headed out. Shortly after 5am, I met up with a couple of the girls I was running with and 2 of us got a ride so the other could pick up the fourth friend.

We got to the race area way too early, so we hung out at a nearby hotel while we waited the other friends to arrive and for the race to start. It was a cold start as the wind was blowing hard, but we know we wouldn’t be facing it for long. As we started, we reminded ourselves that it was just a long run with a bunch of people around us.

We aimed for about an 11 minute mile pace, and we started off at a comfortable pace;  it was actually a 10:40 mile.  We sustained approximately this pace for the first 9 miles. This part of the race went by super fast. At mile 10, we saw our friend’s family cheering us on! Our friend’s husband took this photo of us.

Mile 10

Around mile 10 was also when we started to feel as though the miles were getting longer and longer… Our pace was still good, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to beat my personal record of 2:25:06. Around so around mile 12, I left the girls and picked up the pace. I came in at 2:21:21, which was 3:45 under last year’s time. I was very excited!

My shiny medal

My shiny medal

Running buddies

Running buddies

After the race, we went to celebrate at Hopdoddy’s Burger bar for an early lunch. I’d never been there, but our friend, A, goes there because she loves the burgers, but also because they have gluten-free buns! This place definitely lived up to expectations!

Hopdoddy burger & fries

Hopdoddy burger & fries

Aside from the weather, the race was great and I had a lot of fun. I hope the Austin Half Marathon in less than 5 weeks will be as good to me :)


  1. Great job on the half marathon!! Such an inspiration…I haven’t quite been bitten by the marathon bug yet, but it’s definitely a goal of mine to do at least one!
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..I Heart Groupon GoodsMy Profile

    • Thank you! I’m not sure if I’m going to do a full marathon yet. I’m getting a little burned out from training since September, but I also  would like to do one some time in my lifetime :)

  2. Wow, wow and more wow! I am speachless!!! You are awesome and I am so proud of you!!!
    Auntie Ofes


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