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Crazy Times

Hi everyone! My apologies for being MIA for the last few weeks; it has been crazy around here!

We bought our first home (!!!), and ended up moving a week earlier than expected. That would’ve been great, except I had to go on a business trip the week of the move (I went on Sunday, March 24th, returning on Friday, March 29 at noon, and the movers were scheduled for 2pm). Because I knew I’d be gone, I tried to get as much packing as I could, but many things were left unpacked; my awesome man packed so much while I was gone. Thanks, babe :)

Came back on Friday, and ended up postponing the movers until Saturday morning because the house wasn’t ready to be moved into. Saturday morning, we find out that we wouldn’t have internet for 3-5 days as the AT&T tech couldn’t find the fiber optic cable, and they had to call contractors to come out and dig it out. We spent all weekend moving, and we finally got TV and internet last Wednesday (April 3rd). It was definitely worth the wait; the upload speed is so much faster so I can actually use my work phone instead of my iPhone when working from home!

On Friday night, the fiancé’s sister was able to deliver this adorable kitten we adopted:



Once we decided to buy this house, the fiancé wanted another cat since Dusty and Eddie aren’t very affectionate towards him, and we ended up picking this little tiny kitten after looking for a couple of weeks. We wanted a female since there would’ve been too many males in the house! Also, Eddie is more affectionate towards females. She was too young for us to bring her home when we picked her, but we finally got her, and we couldn’t be happier. She’s sequestered in our bedroom / bathroom until tomorrow morning (she just got her first shots); we can’t wait for the boys to meet her :D

In addition to all that, my mom is visiting us this week to help us straighten out the house. She has a few missions: help me out with the kitchen and my home office (painting and arrange things since I no longer have a closet), a little bit of the master closet, and maybe help the fiancé with his office. Yesterday, she helped us pick out a sectional sofa!

So yeah.. it’s been busy around these parts.

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Tell me about it :D

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