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WIAW #33 – Quick eats

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to the 33rd edition of WIAW; this link party is hosted by Jenn from Peas and Crayons :D

These are most of my eats from yesterday. In the morning, I went by my mango in the kitchen, and I couldn’t resist its scent. I pulled out a Fage Greek yogurt with raspberry and added some chopped mango. Yup.. a repeat from last week, but what can I say? I LOOOOVE mangoes.

Greek yogurt with mangoFor my first snack, I had a smoothie with Silk coconut milk, protein powder, and almond butter; I added a dash of cinnamon for flavour.

smoothieI took a break from work and before running some errands, I had a Lara bar. This was a big mistake on my part. I should’ve planned my lunch properly and had something almost ready to eat before running errands.

larabarI got back from running errands, I did some work, and then I was starrrving. I open the fridge and I see leftover pancakes from Monday . So I helped myself to some of them {not pictured}, just in time for them to digest prior to our last quality run from Intro.

We went for our run, and our coach treated us to popsicles; I had a strawberry one {also not pictured}.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, I made us a very quick dinner: chicken tostadas.


I placed the corn tortillas in our toaster oven for about 8 minutes. I put a thin layer of avocado as a “glue,” then topped it with some chicken breast, romaine lettuce, salsa, and finally crema. They were delish in ready in less than 10 minutes!

Do you have some quick go-to recipes?

Mine are tostadas, tacos, and enchiladas!




Memorial Day Weekend

I hope those of you in the US had a good long weekend, and those who are not in the US had a good weekend :)

Friday during a quick work break, I went to Gigi’s Cupcakes to grab some cupcakes; on Fridays, our local Gigi’s has gluten-free cupcakes. I chose GF Red Velvet for myself and brought the boy 2 cupcakes.

Gigi's Cupcakes Gluten Free Red Velvet

Our weekend started with a trip to Home Depot to look at paint swatches for the fiancé’s man cave.

Paint swatchesSpoiler alert: he chose none of those and is actually going with the same colour as my home office: Behr’s Lunar Surface. It started pouring on our way home, so we just hung out at home.

Celebrating Caturday a little early

Celebrating Caturday a little early

On Saturday morning, we were scheduled for a 30 minute run, and I said that if it were raining in the morning, I wasn’t going to go. I woke up and didn’t hear from my running buddy, so I decided we should go for our run. Of course, once we walked out the door, it was raining! I almost didn’t walk into Rogue, but I was glad we did and went for our run. During the day, we watched a whole lot of SVU. In the evening, we went to pick up dinner then headed to our local watering hole to meet up with friends, including one that we hadn’t seen since she had moved out of the state. It was good times :)

On Sunday, we finally decided to drain the hot tub {something we’d been putting off for a while} It took a little longer than we thought it would, so we went a little low-tech

Yup.. that is indeed a bucket

Yup.. that is indeed a bucket

{we didn’t find the drain valve until we were done draining the hot tub}. The boy washed and filled the hot tub while I started prepping his man cave for painting. I made a very quick dinner at home… crispy chicken tacos. I basically heat up the tortillas before I put in the chicken and cheese {I prefer pinto beans to chicken} and put them on a pan with a little bit of oil. They taste as though they’ve been deep-fried.

Tacos & Topo Chico

On Monday, we slept in until 10:30 which is something I NEVER do! My internal alarm clock goes off at 7:30 usually. I was starving by the time I woke up, and I asked the boy what he wanted for breakfast… of course, I knew he’d want pancakes, and he did. I used my mom’s guideline for pancakes using some Namaste Foods all-purpose flour which gave them a bit of a nutty flavour.


In the afternoon, we went to see Jackson Galaxy speak at Austin Pets Alive! Jackson has a show on Animal Planet called “My Cat From Hell” and is kind of like a cat whisperer. We love his show and we were very interested in what he had to say.


We picked up a few pointers. The cat that worries us the most is Dusty, a “wallflower.” Wallflowers are cats that don’t want to call attention to themselves and would rather blend with the wall; these cats are usually stressed, and just as I suspected, he confirmed that such cats don’t live as long as cats who aren’t so stressed. We will have to make time to play with all 3 cats to help them become more confident, and eventually become “host” cats, which are cats who any visitors at the door {like my parents’ cat Buster}.

We stopped at Torchy’s Tacos on our way home to grab dinner.

Once at home, we played a little bit with the cats, and once they were tired, it was nice to see that they were hanging out peacefully for a few minutes.cats on their chair

We didn’t do a whole lot in the evening, but it was nice to have such a low-key weekend.

How did you celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer?

Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday!Today marks one year since I my first entry in this little blog! It’s been one fun-filled year: breaking my toe, getting engaged, running my first 10K and 2 half marathons, buying a house, getting a kitten…

As a birthday present, I gave the blog a little facelift and a promise to blog more regularly.

Thank you all for reading.. it means more than words can say.



WIAW #32 – It’s been a while…

I’m glad to say things have finally gotten back to “normal” and that means I’m back! Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the link party.

We’ve had a few visitors in the 8 weeks we’ve been in our new house, and clean eating has been a challenge. I’ve been trying to get back on track, and have been doing well on weekdays… last weekend was our 3 year anniversary, so I took a break! I’ve been trying Karena & Katrina from Tone It Up‘s nutrition plan taking in mind the things I learned from the Lyn-Genet plan. I did the 7 Day Slim Down last week, and it went really well.

Now I’m onto their regular plan, and for breakfast, I had the Perfect Morning Quinoa. I didn’t have almond milk, so I used Silk coconut milk. It may not look great, but it was delicious! I’l be making this again!!

Perfect Morning Quinoa

For my morning snack, I had 1/2 cup of Fage Greek yogurt and mango chunks. I love mango so much, it’s ridiculous… my fiancé always gives me a funny look when we’re at the grocery store, and I take a whiff of the mangoes before putting them in the cart.

Fage Greek yogurt and mango

For lunch, I didn’t have much time do do much as I was in the middle of some training courses for work and a couple of phone calls. I had toast with avocado and a Lara bar {not pictured}


In the afternoon, the fiancé and I went to Rogue… Alicia, the fiancé, and I decided to go back to Intro this month so we could get into a regular running schedule. I’ve also gone back to the gym, and Alicia and I are doing BodyPump 3 times a week. After our workout, we had dinner. The fiancé had leftovers of his favourite dish, and I made a shrimp stir fry. I didn’t follow a recipe.. just threw a few vegetables and seasonings together… I’m glad it turned out :)


That’s it for this week’s eats. I promise not to be a stranger!

When cooking, do you like to follow recipes or just wing it?

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