Weekend Recap

Well folks, it’s Monday again…  Is it just me or did this weekend fly by? I realized this weekend that I’m still forgetting to take photos when eating or doing something.. not to post them all, but at least to have a few more options! I did manage to take a few.. so enjoy!

The weekend was kicked off by going to happy hour with my fiancé to meet with one of our friends. After that, I went home to finish decorating some gluten-free sugar cookies for my second cousin’s graduation from elementary school!

gluten-free-sugar-cookiesI drove out to Houston on Saturday and accompanied my cousin M to her friend’s BBQ. It was nice to meet her Kizomba instructor and some of her friends.

On Sunday morning, we went to get some menudo, and then I had a mini photo session with a couple of her kittens {my favourite ones!}

grey kitten

I have a soft spot for grey kitties

I wanted to take this one home!

.. but I really wanted to take this one home!

Aren’t they the cutest?!? I told my fiancé that if we didn’t have Maya, I would’ve shown up with a kitten!

I then went to my cousin A’s house and hung out there for a bit while my cousin M, my aunt, and M’s daughter went to work for a little bit. I got to bond with A’s kids for a bit, and one of them was very fond of the sugar cookies.


Want some cookie?

A had a BBQ for us, and although the grocery store didn’t have any gluten-free buns, I made do… I got some corn chips {which we had with lime juice, crema, and salsa verde} and had a bun-less burger.

conchitas-burgerAfter hanging out for a little longer, it was time to go home. As per usual, it was nice to see my cousin and aunts; I had a good time :)

I drove home, and hung out a little at home. With that, the weekend came to a close.

How was your weekend?





  1. My weekend was AWESOME with you at home!!! Thanks for visiting us!!! I LOVE YOU so much!

  2. Hi! Can I have the recipe for these sugar cookies, please?? I can’t find a good one to flood royal icing on!!

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