WIAW #34 – Oh what a day!

Hello :D Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday hosted by the lovely Jenn @ Peas and Crayons!

Yesterday morning started really well; Alicia and I went for a 2 mile run. We went a little slow, but I was pain-free! I’ve been suffering from tight (and painful) Achilles and calves. I rolled out on Monday night and prior to my run, and it went really well.


I got home and went into my home office to turn on my machine only to find that Eddie had had an accident all over my Apple keyboard AND the open laptop, as well as the windowsill, window, floor, and beige couch. I’m going to admit I cried when I saw that.. I was mad at myself for leaving my office open since he’d already had an accident, and I had *just* replaced the Apple keyboard the day before. Eddie’s been having GI issues for a couple of weeks, and I cannot WAIT for him to get better. By the time I was done cleaning everything, it was 11 am, and I wasn’t very hungry at the time. I had a Lara bar since it was almost lunch time anyway.


As soon as I finished making my sandwich for lunch and took a bite, my work phone rang. I then remembered I had to take a photo. I also had some Cinnamon Chex above. Let me tell you, I have not been disappointed with any of the GF Chex flavours I’ve tried so far… maybe it’s because of the sugar, but they’re so so good!!


Ham and cheese sandwich and grape Nuun

The good thing about WIAW is that it makes me realize that I’m seriously lacking veggies… so when I finally decided to make dinner (my fiancé is away on a business trip so I’m cooking for one), I went with the Spicy Thai Turkey Wraps for dinner {just posted the recipe!}. It’s not huge on veggies, but it’s better than what I had during the day…


Eddie was taking a nap on the couch, and my heart goes out to him; he has no idea what’s going on with his body. I really hope this medication works (it’s the 3rd one in less than 2 weeks).


I hope you guys had a better day than I did :D


  1. Mmmm those wraps sound amazing!

  2. That picture of the wraps with the lime looks so pretty! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Sorry to hear about Eddie. GI issues are no fun. Hope he gets better soon!

  3. I can totally sympathize with a sick kitty. Mine had gut issues for 5 years until I finally met a Vet who really listened to what I was saying. Since then, she hasn’t thrown up in 6 months! I really hope this medication helps your kitty. xo
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