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Hello dear readers,
I find it all too easy to put my blog aside when life gets a little hectic… and that’s what happened during the last two weeks. Here’s a quick update though:

  • My fiancé and I finally picked a venue for the wedding and a date! 
  • In my off time, I’ve been on pinterest looking for ideas for the wedding.
  • I signed up to do the Houston marathon next January; training begins in September.
  • I’ve also been trying to be more consistent with working out because I gained a few pounds since the beginning of the year, and it just makes it harder to run {I’ve got it all backwards.. I want to lose weight for the marathon, not so much for the wedding!}
  • Work was pretty busy last week as I was back to doing tech support (hadn’t done that in almost 5 years!), and I’m ramping up for my short “vacation” which starts this evening…
  • I’m going to Monterrey to visit my relatives; I haven’t been in 6 years.
  • I’m bringing my parents home with me and they’ll be here for a week before they go back to Canada (hopefully we’ll get a new recipe out of her!)
  • Maya lost a baby canine today! She had us freaked out yesterday because it looked like her tooth was broken, then my fiancé saw that there was another tooth right next to it
  • Edwin is all better with his GI problems, but Maya has them again (I’m really hoping she won’t pass them back to Eddie)

I think that’s it for now… If I have time this evening, I’ll post my eats from last Tuesday, no promises though!

Happy belated Canada day to my Canadian readers!

Hope my American readers have an awesome 4th of July!

I’ll see you soon :D


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  1. Glad to read about you again :)

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