Marathon Training

Marathon training officially began on Wednesday.

A couple of friends and I signed up to do training downtown because our favourite coach is doing the Austin Marathon program there.



Our first quality run was 5 miles; however, I had a really hard time on the run. It was still close to 100F around 6:45 when we started running, and my asthma kicked my butt: I couldn’t catch my breath and was feeling light-headed and nauseous. My friend C was still with me, and we decided to cut the run down to 5K; we walked about half of it. I felt like a failure, but I know that it wasn’t my legs that were giving out on me. It also reminded me to go get some more Asmanex (daily asthma medication).

Our coach invited everyone to meet him and his wife at Takoba for dinner after the workout. During dinner and drinks, my friends and I decided that this year, we were going to do things right. We are going to go to core classes {which we hate}, and  we’re going to do the sprints and exercises after our quality workouts. We learned our lesson from last year: Rogue’s training program works, but they work best if we follow them completely {not just the parts we choose}.

Yesterday, I went on my long run – 6 miles with my friend, Alicia, who was doing 9 miles (she’s training for a half marathon). Although it was slow, it was still a good run. I didn’t feel the need to walk, nor did my asthma bother me. I hadn’t had a good run in a long time, so I was glad to get a good one in.

Last week’s workouts were:

  • Monday – 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 3.2 miles
  • Thursday – core
  • Sunday – 6 miles

This week will be a little more packed!

Are you training for anything?


  1. Yay yay yay! Another marathoner-in-training to commiserate with :) When is your Marathon? Mine is just shy of 2 months and I’m getting pretty nervous about it!
    Erica { } recently posted..Week in Workouts (& Injuries)My Profile

  2. Hi Cecilia,
    I wrote an article recently you might be interested in. It answers the ‘top 3 feet questions’ that I get(I’m a Podiatrist) from people training for marathons. You might find it useful with your training –

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