It’s time to start up again…


We’ve been back from our honeymoon for a week, and it’s time I started back up on my weight loss journey. I’ve finished my  program with my dietitian, and it’s time for me to put everything I learned to use. I’m blogging about it to keep me accountable. My goal is a 5 lb loss by May 31st (although my big goal would be to lose 7 lbs as I’ve gained about 6 or 7 in the last month). I’m going to lose it by doing the following:

  • logging all my food on my journal
    • week 1: just log it all!
    • week 2: week 1 goal AND eat 4 servings of vegetables daily
    • week 3: week 1 + 2 goals AND stick to allotted servings
    • week 4: week 1-3 goals AND no sweets!
  • running 3-4 times a week:
    • one long run 60-90 minutes
    • two to three 30-45 minute runs
  • cross training twice a week (whatever, just get it done!)
  • drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily (I’ve been slacking with the water as well)

This month, I will also talk to my doctor about my heat/cold-induced asthma — now that the weather is heating up, I will need it again.

Do you make monthly goals? How does it work for you?


2013: Shrinking Jeans Challenge – Goals

This year was the first time I didn’t go home for Christmas, so I missed on some serious sister bonding time. Even though we were apart, my sister, Diana, and I chatted on the phone and we texted when we could. A couple of days after Christmas, Diana texted me and asked if I wanted to do the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans New Year’s Weight Loss challenge, not knowing what the challenge would involve.

Since September, I’ve been having issues staying on the healthy eating wagon and as a result, gained about 10 lbs. That’s a lot! I’m sure some of it was water weight, but still… I felt I needed to get back to it. So I told her I would love to join the challenge, and we signed up as partners.


On New Year’s Day, we submitted our weights and decided to count calories using My Fitness Pal (my username is CeciliaHearts).

In preparation for the challenge, I wanted to try something new in this weight loss journey, so I did a little bit of research and decided to get a BodyMedia Wireless Link Armband to help me track my steps, calories burned, and calorie deficit. I went to Target to pick it up, and was pleasantly surprised that it was on sale!!

BodyMedia Link ArmbandThe reason I bought the Bluetooth version is that I can check my stats any time on my iPhone!

Bodymedia iPhone app

The next step was to come up with some goals for the next 8 weeks.

My goal is to lose 8 lbs in the next 8 weeks. I will do this by

  • wearing my BodyMedia armband up to 23 hours a day, every day
  • logging all my meals, snacks, bites, etc. using My Fitness Pal and having a calorie deficit of 300-500 calories a day
  • following my half marathon training to a T (including Cross Training on Wednesdays) which will take me to February 17th.
  • The last 2 weeks of the challenge will be filled with 3-4 classes at the new gym, either Krav Maga or AMPD, and Pilates and/or Yoga.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water (64 oz / 2L) a day

Our weigh-ins are on Wednesdays, and I’ll be blogging updates on Thursdays.

What are some of your goals for the new year?

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