About Me

Austin 10/20I’m a 30-something year old chick living life near awesome Austin, TX! I was born in Mexico, grew up in Canada, lived in Boston, MA for 4 years, and finally moved back to warmer climates of Austin in August 2009. I love it here and can see myself living here for a long time! I have been with my husband for four years and we live together with our two cats.

I took up running in October, 2011 and have since run a couple of 5Ks, a 10K, a 4 miler, a 10 miler, four half marathons, and a marathon!


I met my husband on eHarmony; we were matched in April 2010, and had our first date in May 2010. We hit it off from the beginning, and he has been the best person for me. We moved in together in September 2011, got engaged in November 2012, and got married in April 2014.


I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in April 2008. A nutritionist I consulted when I first moved to Austin told me that I eventually had to go gluten-free, but I never made the effort to. In September 2011, I finally realized that I was gluten intolerant and once I cut it out of my diet, I felt much better.


This blog is about my life – my health (mainly Hashimoto’s), my struggles with my weight, what we’re up to, and our cats all while living life gluten-free.

As a child, I was very active and my weight issues began as I hit adolescence when I slowly began to gain weight. I used to attend kickboxing classes as a teenager, but I had a very hard time losing weight. After I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and started on was successful at losing 20 lbs in a few months while on Weight Watchers. I’ve been on a roller coaster with my weight for over 4 years, and I’d like to gain control of my weight and get to a healthier weight because I don’t want to burden my body with something I can change. Working with a Registered Dietitian, eating balanced meals, and running as my main cardio have helped me lose 15 lbs.


For work, I design, deploy, and manage internal (intranet) websites and do some onsite technical support for an inside sales organization at a large corporation.  I also dabble in project management and video editing. Unfortunately, my work is mostly sedentary.



Dusty & EddieDusty, 7 years old, is a goldish and black tabby. He is very shy, but  he knows what he wants, and is very persistent. He loves hanging out in the sun.





MayaMy husband wanted a cat of his own, and we adopted Maya from Thundering Paws in April 2013. She is very smart and fearless, but cuddly at the same time.





Eddie passed away tragically in March 2014 at the age of 4. He is dearly missed.